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  1. @R1- I sent you a PM but you still can’t follow rules. We have rules for a reason and I explained those reasons to you but you continue to push me.
  2. Don’t tag someone to do things for you. post a request and IF someone wants to or can, they will. if your request is not filled, it’s because no one has the files or doesn’t want to share them.
  3. Original posted link updated https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1310-desirefx/page/73/?tab=comments#comment-12294
  4. @lolsgfsdgs STOP!!!! You constanly request things that are already requested, even requesting them only a few posts after they have been requested. Every time i see you post now, it will be deleted because you just dont get it and are a nuisance @DARKSIDEOPG This is the 3rd time
  5. @lolsgfsdgs STOP requesting the same thing over and over, that is why it keeps getting deleted!!!! Do it again and I will ask @DARKSIDEOPG to give you a ban, that's 3 times i have deleted it in the last day!!!
  6. Not exactly, i should have clarified... 3D modelling like iknowauto where they may be rippable cheers but looking for more newer styles I don't use discord so when i logged in, had no idea what i was looking at.
  7. Not requesting a specific model but does anyone know any sites with wheels? other than iknowauto
  8. True... but it's not just newbies doing it now
  9. People still continue to post requests for things that are EASILY found if you use the SEARCH!!! And those idiots will continue to have their posts deleted until they wake up!!
  10. Post in the correct thread for conversion requests
  11. Don’t be a dick! If it wasn’t shared the first time, it means no one has it or wants to share
  12. Pretty simple. If you read the thread rules and the thread itself, you would know.
  13. are you doing all the mechanicals? Pretty sure this has them
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