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  1. STOP asking for something that has already been posted, LITERALLY a few posts before you!
  2. tuck your skirt in! if your request hasn't been filled. it's because no one has it or is willing to share it. don't get all pissy about it.
  3. Well then you’re an idiot, because it’s been requested 4 times and HAS been shared! and for other idiots... for the last F’ing time.... search for LESS words, NOT entire links!!! Do NOT search with .com and .me in the search!! “Sharan” in this instance shows just how stupid some users are to say they’ve checked “literally” everything when clearly, they just want others to do the simple things for them.
  4. Don’t ever assume they are different from the pics. .me and .com usually are the exact same files and a lot of the time. Are not the same as the pics
  5. Check the approved hosts and don’t use hosts not on it. “Tezfiles”
  6. if it hasn’t been filled the first 2 times it was asked for. Asking a 3rd only shows you don’t read the rules. do not keep requesting the same file No, help yourself and read the original link
  7. Is this what you are looking for? itr's a free download https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/nissan-z-proto-db9a5f7ae9d84a0fb01cac96afe3e69c
  8. You state you read they were taken down, yet ask for them anyway? @DARKSIDEOPG
  9. Do not post turbosquid links.... yet another rule you seem to have overlooked, desirefx ONLY
  10. 1 day, maybe you will learn how to use the search and not be so demainding others do all the work for you.
  11. IDIOT!! read the previous page and or use the god damn search!!
  12. @BVhuotyr https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1310-desirefx/page/129/?tab=comments#comment-14789 If you guys aren't going to read the recommended posts, all your posts are going to be deleted
  13. @XK8R @BVhuotyr https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1310-desirefx/page/133/?tab=comments#comment-15109
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