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  1. oh.... there are some amazing people in the world. sometimes makes me wonder how they manage to breathe
  2. @Federico Méndez use the search BEFORE posting, several of your latest post are easily found and active
  3. @blondeddhl dont be lazy, use the search BEFORE posting
  4. @dlstjq159147 do NOT post your same request again because it was not filled!! If it was not filled, it's because no one has it or wants to share it.
  5. follow the rules, read the recommended posts!!
  6. the screen before all that, where you select the file to import...make sure the file type is set to the correct forza
  7. Aston martins are not allowed to be requested here.
  8. @denny it's because you post files for people who didn't use search and posted repeat requests. their posts get hidden for repeating requests, yours just as a by product of removing theirs to not encouorage others to be lazy and not search first. nothing you do wrong. We appreciate you posting, just dont like lazy requesters.
  9. @Nimit I dont care if you are a donator or not, do NOT bump your own requests!!
  10. it's very likely you are using someone elses work for gta, so for anyone here to convert for you, is basically stealing from that designer. best to ask that designer if you can convert it and use it first.
  11. Sketchfab are no allowed here, do not ask Dont be an impatient prick, if no one answered, it's because they dont have it or dont want to share, do NOT bump your own request
  12. https://www.desirefx.com/ford-ranger-double-cab-wildtrak-with-hq-interior-2016-3d-model https://mega.nz/file/Sj5khQwK#pPMmTkmX-E_4DD2Ow5C_QAp2YoNjuTY-HYReXqf18KU
  13. have you checked here? https://disk.yandex.ru/d/YhyYpGYiNRN-dg/Cars/Toyota
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