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  1. @Kajman868686 I actually found the way to go through. Foobar2000 can open and extract these .fsb pretty easily, no need to dance around the .xma. Didn't post this before cause apparently no one was really interested lol
  2. Hi people. I was looking to extract FH1-2 X360 engine sounds to use them in other games. The sounds for the game are stored in .fsb files, but they seem to be in .xma format within the banks. I looked pretty hard anywhere I could but didn't really find anything to convert them in a usable format (virtually anything that can be converted into .wav). Here are some example banks from FH2. I used this FSB extractor to get the XMA files. I tried to look pretty hard but I didn't really find anything that actually works with these. XMA Transform didn't work (I tried 2016-01-28 version, maybe there's an updated one?) and xma-parse (maybe I did something wrong with this one, not sure though). There's also stuff like this found deep in the website but I couldn't see a mention about how you get those. I might have missed something, so I'd love if you guys could give me a hint or whatever. I hope you're all doing well.
  3. @DARKSIDEOPG as long as the files are somehow marked so it's possible to actually know what file belongs to what car I'd be ready to go through that. If you can take a day and pack some if not all the bank files into folders and upload them somewhere like sharemods (so it will stay there for a while without you having to pay, you'll just need to split the files between a few archives). I don't have the game, and I'm not even sure if I would manage to efficiently go through the files and find exactly what I might need.
  4. Time to bump this: I found an unpacker that works with bank files, here's the link: https://sharemods.com/enupgt4wl2m0 I don't know who created it therefore if anyone knows, please tell me so we can give credit to them. Other than that, can you guys upload some more sound banks?
  5. Honestly, if anyone told me how to actually get everything without even doing it themselves, I'd love that too. Also @DARKSIDEOPG I tried to open the Senna file you sent with FMOD a while back but it didn't work, you sure the bank files are compatible with the program?
  6. Can you put all the sound bank files on Sharemods? I believe their upload limit was somewhere under 2 GB, I think you can split them into like 2 parts or something and upload, can't you? I''m actually not sure how big the whole thing is but it'd be really great and I'd appreciate it a lot.
  7. Is anybody actually gonna do these requests? I mean I appreciate it and I understand you guys are busy and everything, but if no one's gonna fill the requests then maybe just close the thread?
  8. Would appreciate if somebody uploaded these 2 somewhere (preferably in OBJ pr FBX): https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/porsche-911-997-targa https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/jaguar-xe-2018 Thank you.
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