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  1. I ain't sure about that, my knowledge of SolidWorks is pretty limited nonetheless if the file (*slddrw) is accompanied by a *.sldprt you can open it with SolidWorks then export the 3D model as *.stl or *.obj Note: As with 3dsMax *.sldprt files saved in later versions can't be opened in earlier versions I have SolidWorks 2015 installed, if you have the sldprt file I can try to open the file and export it Cheers!
  2. A *.slddrw file is a 2D draw file created on SolidWorks and I assume there's only one way to open it and it's either with SolidWorks or eDrawing from SolidWorks I'm afraid there's no other way to open one of these files without the software used to create them, is a proprietary format like *.max (3dsMax) *.c4D (Cinema4D) and *.blend (Blender)
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