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  1. Could we please get this beauty in .obj in the next round of conversions? Thanks in advance you legends!
  2. Any of yall have either this 1932 Cadillac https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/cadillac-v16m-1932 or this 1929 Lincoln https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/lincoln in .obj format that you'd be willing to share?
  3. Here's that Caddy https://mega.nz/file/Xn4wkYYY#2epJjjvEVkv9glAC0kGGI961umI0l1l7-2IiikeFKwI
  4. Holy cow! Lookit this beauty! If one of you legends could please do this one in .obj too in your next batch of file converting wizardry, we'd appreciate the hell out of it! Thanks in advance!
  5. Yo, what's up yall. Does anybody have these cars in .obj format that they'd be willing to share please? Or, is anybody willing to take the time to convert them to .obj please? I'm sure there's a few of us on here who would appreciate the hell out of it! Thanks in advance!
  6. Is it possible to pull these 3D models? I own these three cars, and it'd be cool to have them in 3D as well.. https://www.shapeways.com/product/MG6A6X3E6/1-87-1968-pontiac-bonneville-sedan?optionId=61389764&li=marketplace https://www.shapeways.com/product/438NXKHLB/1-87-1977-pontiac-grand-prix?optionId=60084909&li=marketplace https://www.shapeways.com/product/CQNDLV42H/1-87-1977-pontiac-bonneville-sedan?optionId=59744538&li=marketplace
  7. That iknowauto site is awfully cool! Could someone get this '74 Barracuda if it ain't too much trouble? https://www.iknowauto.com/en/vehicle-builder-details?vid=144&year=1974&make=43&model=2302&trim=20
  8. Here ya go... https://mega.nz/file/uv5H2KiL#FEP-2D4QyJrJAlWbmd4_LMjQ5lAH9-b9iUM_Hilmbak
  9. Damn buddy, this is great! I'll sort some tires out, no worries...Thank You!
  10. Yo, does some have OR can someone convert this trio into .obj format please? Many thanks in advance!
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