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  1. I guess the version of Blender you're using is incompatible with the script since I've wrote it when Blender 3.0 wasn't released. Try it with Blender 2.8+ (but <3.0)
  2. https://github.com/GreenTrafficLight/efo_BlenderAddons
  3. hi i would like the rigged takumi model from arcade stage please 

  4. Hi kind man, could you please share the trueno model from IDAS?

    1. Satsuma AMP

      Satsuma AMP

      could you please share the rigged Takumi models

  5. Well, I'm working on it now. Still need a few things to tweak (like the skeleton) The script import the model with the textures with it btw (if it's in the same folder as the model) Also the locator for the headlight and exhaust are now imported. The eyes are also automatically placed instead of not being here.
  6. Hi! Could I please get a link for the Bunta model? 

    and do you possibly have the models for Ryouske Takahashi and Keisuke Takahashi as well?



  7. White Charisma


  8. Yeah, but the main question is more "Will I be motivated enough to finish this script ?"
  9. hey just wondering can i get the takumi models from initial D arcade stage 0?

  10. "Plucked" ? I don't understand your question. I will try to send the character tomorrow or in Wednesday, been busy with school and some characters had problems
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