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  1. Hi again. I have 2 last files, at this moment, what i need. Please someone re-uploading them here. Links below. Thanks in advance. https://www.desirefx.com/ford-f-250-crewcab-1978-3d-model/ https://www.desirefx.me/hot-rod-v8-engine-low-poly-3d-model/
  2. And big thanks to @bodgybro again. You do big work for all of this community. ENG: And I repeat: Dear users of this forum - when you ask to reupload some kind of model, carefully see if on it have license plate with “HUM3D” or “HUMSTER3D” on its numbers. Because "DesireFX" site admin takes these models from here. They were kindly uploaded and provided to us by the user "DARKSIDEOPG". There they are freely available and each can easily and downloaded your own them. So if you want to download models from "DesireFX" and you see in the screenshot of the model that it has "HUM3D" or "HUMSTER3D" written on the license plate, then please do not ask to reupload it. Better download it from here. Do not create extra work for "bodgybro". He does so much for us. Thank you for the attention. РУС: И повторюсь: Уважаемые юзеры этого форума - когда вы просите перезалить какую то модель внимательно смотрите не написано ли у неё на номерах: "HUM3D" или "HUMSTER3D". Потому что эти модели админ сайта "DesireFX" берет отсюда. Их любезно залил и предоставил нам ссылки юзер "DARKSIDEOPG". Там они в свободном доступе и их можно легко и самостоятельно скачать каждый. Так что если вы хотите скачать модели с "DesireFX" и видите на скриншоте модели что у нее на номерном знаке написано "HUM3D" или "HUMSTER3D" то пожалуйста не просите её перезалить. А скачайте отсюда. Не создавайте для "bodgybro" лишней работы. Он и так много делает для нас. Спасибо за внимание.
  3. Hello. Someone download & re-upload this, please: https://www.desirefx.me/soviet-uaz-pbr-3d-model/ . Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi there. I have one more request. Pleasere-upload this Messy Ferguson 65 here (Link below too). I would download it myself, but I can’t. Need a premium account on "SYNCS.ONLINE". Thanks in advance. https://www.desirefx.me/messy-ferguson-65/
  5. @bodgybro WOW! Thanks for fulfilling my request. And yes, you did a great job in fulfilling other requests. This is very valuable for the entire community of this site. Other users are also grateful to you.
  6. Hi. Can someone, with premium account on "SYNCS.ONLINE", download this 3D model of American Military Truck (Link) and link below too. I would download it myself but it requires a premium account on the "SYNCS.ONLINE" which I do not have. So please help. Thanks in advance. https://www.desirefx.me/american-military-truck/
  7. @LoveCars1243 Here is your Dodge Viper 2009. By the way here is link to Driver SF Importer. With this tool you can extract any car from Driver: San Francisco. @MVG_LP Here is your ZIL 130. This model from "Spintires" game. With interior, bottom & engine. Only I'm not sure about the detalization. I think it's low-poly model. But anyway model looks good. Enjoy.
  8. I have a question about car models from GT6: do all those car models have engine under hood and a well-developed luggage space like car models from Forza or GTA, for example?
  9. Hello again. Can someone, with premium account on "SYNCS.ONLINE", download this 3D model of American Military Truck (Link). Thanks in advance. Sorry for a repeat message. Just the old message was lost on forum.
  10. @srcarvalho Ok. I checked this link. And... Here, updated link.
  11. Hi again. Can someone, with premium account on "SYNCS.ONLINE" download this 3D model of American Military Truck. Thanks in advance. https://www.desirefx.me/american-military-truck/ Here you go.
  12. @PaulineMar Thank you for those files. And two more things: Hudsons not so common, mostly Bel Airs, Corvettes & Thurderbirds are common. And about Plymouth Cambridge 1953. Yes it appeared in this game and still in it. But not like driveable car, and even not like car prop. In this game this car appear only on photo which hangs in player garage. So it just texture. IGCD adds to "game cars list" all car what appear in game even if they just appear only on in-game billboards or photos, as texture image, for example. Sad, but true.
  13. Hello. Please, can someone here extract and upload "1932 Ford Model B 'Hot Rod HuP One (Dirt Spec)". Thanks in advance.
  14. @gustavo cesar ricci Yes, its possible. Models ripping through Ninja Ripper. Config is next: use 64 bit vrsion of ripper with DX11 wrapper. But here problem with importing - default settings of a Ninja Importer, for 3DS Max, are not suitable. Because they corrupting UVW map. Need to find & set this values by yourself. And collect of all meshes, to get full model, it will be long work.
  15. @Honda600 Лично меня интересует только одна модель из одного обновления. Это Mario Andretti's 1948 Hudson. (Подробности об авто и обновлении этой ссылке (Ссылка на "Gran Turismo Wiki"). Это авто было добавлено в игру в декабре 2013, вскоре после выпуска обновления 1.02. Что скажете о возможности её извлечения, это возможно?
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