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  1. Thanks AMG, I did read something about ways to get the tracks from GT Sport but I couldn't do it myself. I can't find any in the Download area. Is this something I can request? Tsukuba, Spa, Nurburgring, Tokyo Express Way, any of the real world ones really would be nice. Alternatively, if anyone knows where I can find good information about doing it I would be happy to help. Thanks
  2. Hi all I was wondering if it's possible at this point to rip tracks from Gran Turismo 6 and/or Sport. The cars come out really nice. It would be really nice to get those environments to put them on and even animate. I'm using a gran turismo 4 version of Autumn Ring for some shots and was wondering if it's possible to have more recent and more detailed versions of the tracks from the more recent games. Thanks, Pedro
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