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  1. I would not have posted here if I didn't try everything I can think of before. This is the H3 mesh with every single LOD (except LOD0 dashpad and LOD5 interior), as you can see there is no steering wheel. Same deal in FM7, same deal in H4. No idea why it works for you, but if you can send me it in DM, I would very appreciate it.
  2. Hoped to avoid doing so but yeah I think thats what I'm gonna do thanks. Nope, the steering wheel is included in the dashpad mesh, and it has no other LOD than LOD0 in FH3 FH4 and FM7 at least of what I tried.
  3. Where to find the LOD of the interior steering wheels on the Forza models? They are not included when opening with 3dsim. need the LOD1 steering wheel from the C63 coupe / AMG GTR from H4 or H3. Thanks
  4. I have a theory how they could be processed, will try it out in unreal now
  5. that's true I just realized that. Shame, it's the best sounding Zonda in any game I heard yet. Is there any documentaton about how the rise sounds work or how they are processed in games? I want to use it for my game with FMod, I've never seen the system of NFSHP in terms of sound yet. How does the game determine which sound to play at which revs? would be useful to know if you do
  6. Hello! I am looking for a particular sound, namely the Pagani Zonda. I have samples of Forza Motorsport 4 but they're not realistic In optimal cases I'd need the sound of the Zonda Cinque from Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, very important it has to be from Xbox 360 ISO Update 1.1. Hence why I don't have high hopes anyone has it. If I'm wrong please let me know Plan B is getting the sound from either: NFS Shift NFS Shift 2 or Project CARS but I haven't found any files of it on the web. Could you provide those? Thank you!
  7. Hi sounds odd but I need the H4 Lamborghini Huracan. It has the Liberty Walk bodykit, which the H3 model doesn't have.
  8. https://gamebanana.com/tools/2517 this is able to import OMSI formats as far as I know. I recomend to crack the software or buying it since the free version exports 3d models only with every 5th poly removed.
  9. I havent found any good Valkyrie models yet. There is one made from scratch for a mod for Assetto Corsa I belive which is really good quality, but the mod itself is 60$ and he won't sell the 3D model. Cool model, Squir?
  10. -Aston Martin Valkyrie is not officially released yet so there are no accurate 3D models around, let alone free ones or ripped ones -488 challenge is in Project CARS 2 -458 Speciale A can be more or less easily made with the 458 Speciale bumpers from Horizon 3 and the 458 Spider from Horizon 1 -SP1 Monza is not in any game yet, although I belive CSR2 will have it soon enough -I have scratch made an Aventador S Model based on Horizon 3's Aventador. Can sell it -AMG One is the same as with Valkyrie. Although I also have a scratch made AMG One model, although not for sale. But I belive CSR or Forza will have it soon enough
  11. Hi guys! I am not sure if the MC12 Corsa from Horizon is supposed to be missed here, but I'd love to have it! Any chance of getting it? As you can see, it is in the base game (not DLC) already. Thanks!
  12. Oh yes this looks good! Not sure if it's possible, but maybe to try with the unity tool thing, which ripped the Huracan from the Lambo game, too. If it's possible, please rip this one aswell - https://sketchfab.com/models/45a8ed53cf9644e6b5fd55a24933bc50
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