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  1. TypeR

    Benen Tow

    I would really like too download this mod
  2. hyundia genisus 2013 if possible
  3. 1979 Hoonigan Baldwin Motorsports K5 Blazer
  4. 1994 Honda civic door jams and sills Needed if anyone has any
  5. 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB PLZ hoonigan car pack Thanks DMN plus all the ferrari`s All rocket bunny and liberty walk cars
  6. you guys really need too fix this omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. wish someone had skype thats really good at doing this so i can share my screen and be walked through it once
  8. wow who ever reported this isant really knowing how too do this very well!!!!
  9. Get the latest version and it separates the LODs for you. Follow the instructions here Make sure you make at least 6 new modelsbins files from the data inside the main modelbins. The smaller amount of objects to look for in each new file the better. If one file doesn't work remove entries and find what entry is causing the issue. It does spit out and error but if you close down h2o and look at the log file it should be bigger than 0kb so you have something just change the .txt to.obj and load. Im double what you feel and if I can do it so can you. thanks man adleast someone understands
  10. K so im getting too the point of giving this up cause DMN is like the worst host/moderator cause i emailed him a few questions he has not got back and i know he is online so who here is having issues with learning this process its not easy when you feel 25 but think like a 17 year old so DMN if u see this please message me
  11. Where you asking and what exactly errors you get?.. run time errors and it wont open anything at all in the files Ok, now it's much clearier, not just errors, but runtime errors... Can you describe step-by-step, what you do and where you get those errors? Which program you run - Make_H2O or dir_modelbin.cmd and type of files you try to open, models, textures?.. man do you have skype or facebook?
  12. Where you asking and what exactly errors you get?.. run time errors and it wont open anything at all in the files You try to open txt file or modelbin files?? both i have tried man like its really confusing
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