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  1. @DARKSIDEOPG Yes use this tool much better at extracting PKG’s
  2. @DARKSIDEOPG Project CARS 3 Base Game CUSA16105 Dumped by Duplex https://1fichier.com/?p8tvfc8i2n125rnqnn4h Dumped PC3 Meb’s look to be locked Iam afraid. @DARKSIDEOPG FAST and FURIOUS CROSSROADS CUSA11445 Dumped by Duplex https://filecrypt.co/Container/8DE6BC8C3F.html Not investigated
  3. @DARKSIDEOPG PS4 original pkg’s can be extracted with a passcode. Sometimes these are leaked on the internet. It will only be a matter of time!
  4. @DARKSIDEOPG PS4 Project Cars 2 Meb’s are not encrypted so there is a chance Project Cars 3 Meb’s will be too! Just unable to find a download to check!
  5. 1971 Ford Escort RS1600 (Racing)1972 Ford Escort RS1600 (Rallycross)
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