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  1. use latest Umodel and Blender
  2. images only this one is using the godot engine - never heard of it before - some textures can be opened but end up wierd - requires further research https://docs.godotengine.org/en/3.4/development/file_formats/tscn.html
  3. it seems that only i am working on the crew vehicles (more or less public) as mentioned several times in the main topic about the crew games, they are a complete mess with hash encrypted names - i did identify the vehicles of the first game back then by hand - which took years. the mega links provided in this topic were deleted for several reasons. it is pretty common for game developer to reuse the same meshes in a newer game, thats the reason why i merged them into the second game (legacy folder). creating a second topic was not necessary ^ (drifting of) many vehicles of forza horizon 4 still match the wireframe of forza motorsport 3 from 2009. there even are leftovers of forza motorsport 2 rearbumper_race on lod1 - check it out over the past year i've been focusing on finding the correct informations to convert the second game, which provides even more vehicles than the first game. the script to convert the game files has never been updated, means there is no proper material support, which needs to be applied manualy, the smoothing group on the second game is messed up, which needs additional cleaning etc. etc. - i was talking to Dauer on one of the cars about these problems as you can read there i am planing on updating the vehicles, fixing bugs, clean up a lot of hash names and also adding the latest patch vehicles. but with the latest update there are about 260 vehicles now, with several specs, tuning parts etc. (roughly 16.000 mesh files overall). you can imagine that this will take its time all of you have to keep in mind, people do have a reallife and other things to do. right now i got a lot of work, thankfully after almost two years of the covid situation. therefore i do not focus on ripping meshes, but focusing on my reallife, job and getting other things done. so: - i do no longer provide those vehicles on private messages - these requests will be ignored - btw. requests like "GIEV MESH BRAAH" and any sorts of variations of that BS will be ignored forever - these vehicles are in the premium section, because they require advanced "skills" to get them done for modding / rendering / whatever - not suitable for beginners - you cant download them if you have a standard account - the vehicles are saved as max files because of the dummies, which will also will be changed in the update i am working on i might change that, similar to the <modified> versions of .CSB vehicles of CSR2
  4. there is already a topic for this game + tools exist also quite some vehicles have been posted here https://gamemodels.ru/files/category/1092-rds-game/
  5. i redownloaded my uploaded mesh - the body is included - dont use 3d viewer because it simply suck and it is just a blank viewer ... it is like photoshop vs. paint ... i dont recommend to convert it to obj, since this format is limited to 65k vertices and most of these vehicles are pretty highpoly. there are plenty of tools to convert fbx to obj, blender, zmodeler, 3dsimed, deep exploration, noesis, or anything else - depends on your needs what you want to do with this mesh, it will require preperations and editing anyway btw. the mesh is centered to x0 y0 z0 - so 3d viewer will display the body mesh
  6. the tool to convert these meshes is still in development - so check the file again, only the scaling of the body mesh is incorrect, but it is available this might happened to a few of the posted vehicles - since i did not modify anything after converting... Honda City was available on this site - probably hidden / outdated / removed now https://www.honda.ae/cars/new-cars/city/
  7. All These dlc cars of forza horizon 2 are xbox one only and are impossible to extract
  8. full story? copyright. has been asked a few times now - use the search
  9. this one has been posted multiple times now, it is using a stream based system which cant be ripped (yet?)
  10. would love to get these three vehicles - if they are rippable yet
  11. Suzuki Gypsy https://mega.nz/file/oyQ3UQ7A#9RNeNH-wZs2UpQr1Isiy5to_SuSOtCetotPYi7gvK-U Suzuki Omni Cargo https://mega.nz/file/BuZBzI4L#e9jndaBBX3_u5lcieJQChX69DdkPs_eLSGKZzj37blA Suzuki Alto https://mega.nz/file/tnBXwapT#Zac0hlNi_xmN16792hqjozihAkmsaXaX6BN2P6xPGio Suzuki Ciaz https://mega.nz/file/E2QXFaoS#1V20H5h4Ti46EanRTxrfYDqzvELltccwVijk9wofB3M Suzuki Vitara https://mega.nz/file/s3BzyKjL#pucIB53CQM96uQsoC7BrWnm4oaLICIEm6fvgwdSlO08
  12. Hiace https://mega.nz/file/5mBl3AzC#OjvVLSflsJlTzHqwimH5vMQK152L7aupq39PNdcX5Z8 Granvia https://mega.nz/file/hupU2DAa#cND7_IpvxYxg67UVWBAR0-FosTbrlMjcajwRjO3Fcek
  13. https://mega.nz/file/gvwQzAaT#mn0A4CBLDOew0XRNOY2hS_Glx4jmLryPm5NN-cmMI0M
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