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  1. sure you can use that quasar in 3ds max press M to open the material viewer - there are two ways to work with materials and textures select one of the grey balls (material preview), there you can see some options under the tab "maps" click on the Diffuse Map Button and assign the DDS select the body of the car and press the "Asssign Material to Selection" - if it is not displayed in the view press that checkered button "Show Shaded Material in Viewport" i prefere the "Slate Material Editor" - click on Modes and select the other mode this mode is more of a drag and drop method drag out a standard material - drop in the texture from your browser - connect the dots from the map to the material diffuse color slot as shown you can see there are mostly the same options on the bottom right side as in the compact material editor the "Apply Material to Selection" is on the top bar since i never work with blender i can only guess, i had to watch a video to get it right xD using blender 2.8 on the right side there should be this red checkered sphere - select the object - click on the little dot next to base color select image texture in that drop down area - press open and load the texture on the upper right corner of the viewport is also this checkered sphere - this will view the textures on the meshes
  2. no problem we all started somewhere - it took me quite a while to get things right too - just keep asking and keep working with those tools the size of each rip folder is caused by the raw dds textures because it rips anything that is on screen and a lot of ui post process stuff no one needs, to be honest remove all the textures that you dont need on the car - make sure that you keep the diffuse, bump and shader maps - i saw you already did this on the alpina looking at the quasar texture "tex_1683_3.dds" which is the brakelight / glass texture - you'll see that it was ripped kinda wrong ninja ripper switches the red and blue channel on some games - so you'll need to fix them in gimp or photoshop or any other tool that can do that the dds was saved in a raw form - many tools cant open them - save the texture as DDS DXT5 with alpha channel this way, the brakelight texture goes down from 4mb (raw) to 1,3mb (DXT5) tools like zmodeler cant handle the raw type - so i recommend to convert them to DXT5 before uploading and one more thing, i just downloaded your alpina and saw that it is still unmapped you are using the blender import script, there should be a option to set the vertex layout to manual youll need to import the meshes with the correct TU and TV value - then the textures apply correctly TU8 - TV9 - Body, Interior, Lights, Glass, Window TU12 - TV13 - Engine, Suspension, Brakerotor TU4 - TV5 - Tires, Wheels apply the textures to see if it is correct otherwise, people will struggle use your cars in any other game - since they look like this i hope that will help you
  3. since there is no SLRE section yet - you can only upload them under the first category "upload file here", then you files will be approved by a moderator
  4. if you want to upload the full car list of that game or more, you should upload each car on mediafire (maybe create an account there to manage your uploads) after that - on the downloads tab here is a button "Submit a file", there you can post the cars on this site with a short description and the link to each mediafire upload the best would be to save them as obj or fbx and dds textures, since most people here dont know how to handle ninja ripper files
  5. dont import them file by file - the easiest way is to import the complete folder - delete background objects and go down to the car mesh - which is centered at 0,0,0 animated parts are also centered - wheels, tires, steeringwheel, shifter, handbrake - and need to be placed manual write down the mesh numbers of the car 0029 0030 ... there are two versions of the car - LOD1 and LOD0 low and highpoly to get the mapping right, you have to set the UV Coords: U8 - V9 - Body, Interior, Lights, Glass, Window 29-32,66-69,367-370,379-383,452-456,458-462 U12 - V13 - Engine, Suspension, Brakerotor 364-366 U4 - V5 - Tires, Wheels 2-13,35-46,371-378,448-451 also the DDS files are saved wrong - thats kinda common for ninja ripper - youll need to flip the red and blue channel with photoshop or gimp and save them as dds dxt5 (with alpha channel) Saved as FBX and OBJ + DDS http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ujaqrmg9bxoe0v/%5BGameModels.ru%5D_SLRE_Quasar.rar/file cheers
  6. zip the rip folder of one car - upload it to mediafire and post the link here
  7. never worked with blender - does the script import the uv correct too? you could send me one rip folder - maybe i can help you out finding the right stuff
  8. getting a clean rip of the crew 2 is nearly impossible - ninja ripper does not work on this game there are scripts to extract and import the meshes in 3ds max but all of the 12850 textures and 11760 meshes do have cryptic names like "8326475B527E8DAE.xbt" (egoista badges) you'll need to sort them by hand and find the correct textures - currently i am looking through the meshes like i did on the crew 1 - but this will take forever
  9. i know that i went trough this a couple of times (blur, need for speed) if you can rip the cars in the same spot (menu scene or something) the mesh pattern should be always the same - first couple 100 meshes should be the car - then the background scene - then maybe collision data (mostly unmapped or using weird textures) - at the end it should be UI stuff - and a block of transparent meshes if you are using the 3ds max script - the group import will help you alot. select the rip folder and type in "rip file nums": 0-100,700-800 - this will import 200 meshes
  10. if you are using ninja ripper, the transparent meshes should be at the end of the mesh list somewhere between UI surfaces
  11. the only stagezero track that can not be imported is hakone day and night ... but thats only because noesis (32bit) is running out of memory (limited to 4gb) ... i cant find a 64bit version of this tool also checked the earlier games but the files are compressed ... nezarn found a way to decompress those files ... but sadly he dropped his tool a few months ago https://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=7582&p=50767#p50767 now i am looking at the characters (uncompressed) would be awesome if someone can help me out here again - i am thinking about porting translating and remodeling this game to unreal engine
  12. Yeah i know, but there is a Version of uabe that might be able - I tried this on formacar stuff back then, also on the Taycan ar app
  13. send me the cache via pm, maybe i can check it out for you
  14. hey there, i was messing around with the script and was trying to understand why it sends out errors @White Charisma you wrote something about that the first mesh wont recieve any material on line 126 which sends out an error "material index list out of range" 122 for i in range(ShapeNumber): 123 print("#############START LOOP#############") 124 flag = bs.readUShort() 125 if flag == 5: 126 rapi.rpgSetMaterial(Material) 127 print("Material : " + str(Material)) 128 print(self.FirstMaterialList) 129 print(self.FirstMaterialList.pop(0)) 130 self.Flag(bs, flag) 131 #self.loadSkeleton(bs) i removed the line 128 and 129 to see what happens - now the script is able to import the tracks and somehow the errors at line 75 and 647 wont appear this will mess up the materials assignment on most of the objects, but the mapping of the surrounding seems to be correct ... only the roadmeshes are mapped wrong (on lightmap uv?) the only track that is broken so far is tsubaki line - game version 2.20 only Usui Pass
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