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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/file/o9rq0lj2pzq3v5p/InitD.rar/file sure, here are 4 files that caused errors - any other car file can be found on my first post btw. another thing is, the texture export sometimes crashes, i attached the gc8s5 textures.efo too - the script can load 40 of the 113 textures in there maybe disable the texture import when importing the mesh files at all would fix the problem on the tracks since they are all packed in one efo - mesh and texture extracting the textures anyway - blackracer on xentax posted the tool x-ripper - which can browse through files searching for a bunch of types http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/xripper it will extract the textures correct - but no file names tho
  2. white carismas script can open all cars with the correct uv mappings - a bunch of files are causing errors - i converted them with hex2obj https://imgur.com/a/SmojdRC his script supports some of the tracks but not all - ripping those by hand would be crazy since there are way to many submeshes i also noticed - the earlier games (stage 6. 8 ) also had 3d models of the characters - perfect for driver models if there is anyone with some advanced python skills to help white carisma completing the script - a full rip of the game would be possible
  3. oh boy, this works awesome - thanks a ton! i think on some meshes are is simply no propper mapping - doing it with hex2obj - the only meshes with mapping (grill badges and so on) use the fvf size 36 - if that helps you the format is driving me crazy fixing the material and the position of driver and exhaust is a no brainer in 3ds max
  4. @DARKSIDEOPG http://www.mediafire.com/file/or23hlp6x1kl078/2017_InitialD_Stage_Zero.rar/file sure here it is with a bunch of rims
  5. since i have checked out the files over on xentax before, here is my short hex2obj tutorial recap i am using hex workshop to check the files http://www.hexworkshop.com/ once installed, open it up, go to options -> preferences -> General -> set Bytes per Row to 16 open one file in hex2obj and then in hex workshop. as an example the s2000 ap1 chargespeed bonnet 1. in hex workshop: search (ctrl+f) for hex value 27 06 - followed by 27 04 after a few bytes - 15 bytes after 27 04 is the start adress for hex2obj step1 so it is 0xF2E (also note the data visualizer on the left you can find that structure on the next file too) https://imgur.com/a/OUWGSv9 write down all starts of mesh data starts -> search for text string geom0, again 15 bytes after the 0 is the start of each mesh (again note the data visualizer next time you can find them without search) starts on the example file are: bodyshape_geom0 - 0x1D43 netshape_geom0 - 0x76CC 2. set hex2obj to strip right now i cant find a useful offset to get the count of each submesh - so it is try and error to find the end of the first submesh - i start out with a low count and try to find the vertices fvf size Step1: F2E - 20 Step2: 12 - 28 Step3: 1D43 - 60 https://imgur.com/a/KCKPDN2 a. for the first submesh it is FVF size 28 (see 12 is wrong) - also i can tell the uv pos seems to be 28 on every file b. once you can point out the correct mesh, push up the count, click on mesh to see the part growing, till you hit a "jump" on the index, go back a few counts to clean up the mesh c. so the correct submesh end has been found - switch back to hexworkshop and go to the hex adress shown 0x194E https://imgur.com/a/ABBQep6 sometimes things get weird here, you might have to move back one byte to 0x194C - otherwise there is one face missing or the next mesh is inverted https://imgur.com/a/fZqgztl 0xF2E - 1296 28 - 28 0x1D43 - 649 ------------- 0x194C - 87 28 - 28 0x1D43 - 663 ------------- 0x19F8 - 101 36 - 28 0x76CC - 85 ------------- 0x1AC0 - 10 36 - 28 0x76CC - 88 ------------- 0x1AD4 - 82 28 - 28 0x1D43 - 710 ------------- 0x1B76 - 70 36 - 28 0x76CC - 146 https://imgur.com/a/H7oOpkM fvf size seems to be 12 - 28 or 36 - sometimes 16 - 24 or 32 you see - those files are a damn mess - so if anyone can help me i would appreciate that
  6. Hey folks, i started to convert the cars from the arcade game InitialD Stage Zero, mainly because of the top secret supra (check out the research here https://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14024&start=30 ) Supra https://imgur.com/a/kogs9ur Zelda Try Force https://imgur.com/a/lj5ABHR once i finished the supra, i was looking at some of the other cars - and im pretty interested in most of the bodykits and wheels they have created. many licensed aftermarked stuff from Amuse, C-One, Halfway, Varis, TRD, Trial, C-West, 5Zigen, Tommy Kaira, Tom's, Chargespeed - the list goes on and on @White Charisma i saw on your album that you are working on these cars too i am asking for someone who could either fix up the script - or help me convert those messy files mesh by mesh https://www.mediafire.com/#ps6omiuv1og0p
  7. https://mega.nz/#!AmhRSa4a!YQ_ihp7kOluyaPY-5agHWbSiKICjSGR1Wjc7rcin6lE
  8. i wrote with dmn a few days ago - many of my files are still pending aproval - he is busy updating the site - i dont have a problem with that
  9. here it is from the crew 1 https://mega.nz/#!ki4EzYqC!xzacPigK2Bp_2MI5iT0jxiKBZcrWKIVmcCGXvmaNxTk i did upload all the files from the crew 1 - dmn moved them already out from "upload your model here" section to "donators & premium"
  10. i think he means this slider button / function ... does not work for me either (firefox on pc) edit: it does work on the /files/ page - after clicking on the downloads tab - but it does not work on the main page
  11. well as you can see on the 3rd post in this topic, yes i already ripped joes polestar 1 and all cars which are not available in the studio app - i also uploaded them here but they still need to be approved i dont have the time to rip anything else from nfs heat - also i dont need to hurry since all cars are available in the studio app most of you are modding older need for speed games - so the polycount (which equals lod1 ingame) from the app will fit better here
  12. https://mega.nz/#!JuI1QI7Z!W6ljj02q_A9XjHGIoCeq_jRT5Chm72qh0Ehb7OnfsDo saved as png and fbx a unity game like all the others - can be opened and extracted with latest unity asset studio
  13. 55 downloads

    Download 3d Car Model 2017 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Police from the game Need for Speed Heat Description Grouped Bodyparts (contains each material type) Vinyl + Carbon Body Layer + Damage/Dirt Interior + Glow Full Set of Tuning All Textures in DDS Formats: MAX 2014 FBX OBJ ATTENTION! All Copyrights on the content presented in this archive owned directly by its creators! Files in the archive are for informational purposes only! it is forbidden to use this model for commercial purposes! or Placing this file on third-party resources without prior notification! When using models, please quote reference to GameModels.ru - so you will help the development of the project. Thank you!
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