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  1. Bugatti Pur Sport, Valhalla and LB Huracan need to be first done for sure
  2. From where? They were never supposed to be shared outside of me and a very small circle.
  3. Would be great to have your modified reupload of the Agera RS and Ford Focus RS @.CSB
  4. I have all pcars 2 models, as I worked with daemon1 and as a pcars2 modder, I use the models for modding, not converting to other games. We could release the models but we don't want SMS changing their encryption method so we can continue to get models in the future.
  5. CSB, could we have a reupload of the Divo of your modified version?
  6. New update out, hopefully we will see the models soon. Unfortunately the format has seen some changes again.
  7. I have a 3D model I created, but it would not be free.
  8. https://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8916 I do not have the game on my PC, but I do have the game on a disc, so I will try ripping soon
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