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  1. to be honest it's not a problem for the shader, the moment mapping works it's all good
  2. Is it me or some textures are missing? can't seem to find the lights ones, from the mapping nothing fits also, the whole car uses only one shader it's almost impossible to find what texture goes where without trying them one by one on each parts as normal maps...
  3. To add new rims you need to add them as addons like your cars, and load the folder where they are i assume. There's an other way, but i'm not sure if it will work for all cars in the server but you can try to add them in the carcols.meta file in the section <wheels> it looks like this : <Wheels> <Item> <wheelName>Gram_Lights_57d_1</wheelName> <wheelVariation /> <modShopLabel>Gram Lights 57d blue</modShopLabel> <rimRadius value="0.34850000"/> <rear value="false"/> </Item> </Wheels> WheelName is the name of the new wheel (file name) WheelVariation is probably for when you want to have a different look when you make the tires using their "racing" variation (don't remember the name exactly, it's when it adds a white thing on the side lol) modShopLabel is the name you can give to your wheel (only visible with trainers that allows them) rimRadius is an obscure value, i always use this one rear value idk what it is, i let it like that You can add as many wheels that you want in a single car (or a lot before coming to the game limit), and you have to add a new <Item> content each time (copy pasting what's inside <Item> and below </Item> included, and make your changes for each wheels). For the tinted windows, the thing i like to do is just making a fake glass shader by using the vehicle_badges from zmodeler 3 and playing with the texture transparency to get the visual darkness i want to the windows parts, and make them as tuning parts. This way, you don't just have the in-game 4 choices and you can even have colored windows/paintable windows. But for that part, you need to know how to make a tuning part, and to apply in the end of the name the [PAINT:X] that you want (paint 1 is primary, 2 secondary, 3 is primary with livery support, etc etc all that is detailed in the zmod forum somewhere). There's maybe a method to just add different tint options in the car files, but i never searched for that tbh, i like to control directly on the model what i do Tell me if i'm completely wrong and you just wanted to really model in a 3d program those parts like your title says xd
  4. This looks promising for the future Do you think that there's any chance you keep the researchs on the files to be able to make an importer too?
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