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  1. Wrong forum!!! This is just for Desirefx. com or Desirefx. me sites requests
  2. Those files are free for download, no need for a premium account.
  3. Thank you, the problem was solved a couple days ago, maybe it was a bug of the site.
  4. Read the header of this thread and you will find those cars!
  5. Hello I can't download files when I have 15 files authorized, but the download button dont shows and got a message that says you can't download this file.
  6. Still have this problem and it seems to me that there is no one who knows or want to help. Where are the adminis of the site?
  7. I suggest you to read the header of the thread, people who doesn't do that, has been an active part of why bodgybro stoped sharing downloads from desirefx.
  8. Hello I would like to know why I'm having this problem to download FM7 files? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. It seems to me that for some people that never use the search button, don't read the header of this thread and asking for duplicated stuff @bodgybro steped down doing his great shares. It is sad but he has the full right to do it. It was good till it lasted.
  10. Hello was wondering if someone here has this model and would like to shar it with us? https://hum3d.com/3d-models/bugatti-atlantic-2015/ Thanks in advance.
    This model is the nicer IMO of this new DLC release! Thank you Apex!!
    FH4 DLC releases are always great! Thanks
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