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  1. Do you perhaps have this one too? https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/dodge-ram-1997 I am only able to find models from GTA of this, and I don't want to use them because I want to work on this on my own, so I need a perfect base like this one Thanks in advance
  2. I'd be glad to have the Coupe model, thanks in advance!
  3. Would it be possible to have the Toyota Comfort? Thanks in advance! http://www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=231357
  4. I know the person who made it. It was initially modeled by Street-King, then converted to TM by Boum, who now makes mods for Assetto Corsa.
  5. I thought the guy wanted to rip the cars from the original game. @S.S.T™® Why don't you contact the authors for the mods 3D models? Too difficult for you to send a PM?
  6. 1) Wrong thread 2) Download Forza Studio
  7. Checked the Alpine and it's perfect like that, thanks alot!
  8. @zawarudowry In case you are moving certain parts manually, please, don't do it. The parts are not aligned properly, so you can also leave them all at the center of the scene, in case these were all there in the rip, in its original state. (Apparently these were, like I've seen on the Quasar) Thank you
  9. If you spend 2 minutes more in your search, you can see that not only Forza has this car, so you are not even forced to use Forza Studio. Just to name a title, Grid 2 has this car aswell. There are also other games that have this car.
  10. Did you move some parts like wheels manually for the Toyota? Or were these already like that in the rip? I ask this because on the Quasar the wheels were all centered.
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