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  1. @Superdan it's in the post above yours.
  2. But this is not the only F40 model to have a fully modeled engine
  3. @DARKSIDEOPG Don't worry, I am really calm. Actually, it's you being annoyed for some reason. My advice is good for everybody. If you make a profit out of such things you might lose good friendships with whoever makes tools and scripts, and you might even receive C&D letters (What exactly happened regarding the Aston Martin cars?). So, nobody is angry towards anybody else here, I just say these things for the good of everyone.
  4. @DARKSIDEOPG just wanted to say that I won't be surprised if the devs will encrypt the cars in the next updates, seeing that these have been uploaded here, and also as paid content. I understand the "we need money" thing under a certain point. Whoever decided to put these and any other similar models, obtainable for free, as premium/donator content is basically stepping on his own toes.
  5. Wrong thread, unrelated to 3D Cad Browser You must ask here:
  6. Regarding this model, why is it donator/premium? This is really, really unrespectful towards id-daemon. He made the tool so anyone could have the models for free, then some genius thinks he's smarter than others and asks for money for something which can be obtained for free. PS: I've just shown this to id-daemon now and he doesn't like it. If you want to piss off the tool's author with this lame stuff, go ahead, you're doing great! So he'll probably change his mind and won't help modders anymore! Just keep going!
  7. Too hard to scroll up a little bit? You can find both Guki's upload and DARKSIDEOPG's folder too still there
  8. Then go find it, it is not in Gran Turismo 4
  9. You gotta remember that it is an Aston Martin, tho By the way, which other cars are included in the same update?
  10. You can get both cars from Forza Horizon 4.
  11. "any further" lol You didn't fill anything anyway for me, it was already posted
  12. Wow, great find! Thank you! It's surprising that this artist shared all these nice models made by himself, for free
  13. You are right, but no need to heat yourself up that much.
  14. I did find it in a previous post, thank you very very much. FYI: I wasn't bothered checking at all, I just had no idea if I could do a search just in this thread or if I had to search through the whole forums.
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