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  1. @ .CSB Good work man! Thank you! Can't wait for the R34!
  2. @.CSBIs it possible to add a modified version of the C-West Skyline? I know the default version is already uploaded..
  3. Hi @CSB. There's something weird with the normals in the modified version of the Skyline R34 2002. Maybe something when the convertion to Fbx...


    1. .CSB



      @juanma_16 I've updated the model. Please, redownload.

    2. juanma_16


      Thanks, now looks perfect!

    3. juanma_16


      Is there a way to make a modified version of the other R34 (c-west)? Or is it too complicated?

  4. juanma_16


    Great! From which Initial version is this?
  5. I just replied in Spanish because the post is in that language...
  6. Yo también estoy tratando de rippear los modelos de NO lImits, pero parece difícil que salgan bien...
  7. ready to upload Amazing. How long does it take to be approved?
  8. How about this Skyline: http://igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=190968
  9. Hi. I bealive the Nissan GT-R 34 Nür was added before the 1.14 update so, can i request it? http://www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=138561 Thanks.
  10. damn...we need more MORE MOREEEEE MOOOORRRREEEEE SKYLINE's :D:D:D Mostly because of the C-West bumper
  11. Awesome! I will wait for the Skyline R34 if possible. Thank you.
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