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  1. Import the KN5 model into 3dSimEd. You have two options. First when you imported the car the program created a temp folder in the 3dSimEd folder for the textures. Those are in DDS format but there are decompressed and usable. The second option is to open the textures in the texture browser and convert them to PNG and save the textures to some other folder you create for the textures. The best way to do this is, with the car open in 3dSimEd, right click the car and choose materials. Pick one, It doesn't matter which. Then in the Material editor click the browser file tab in Channel 1 beside the textures name. The Texture browser will open showing all the materials in the Temp folder. Click PNG, or what ever file type u want, and then Batch convert. Then select the textures you want to convert. Choose the folder to export them too and then ok. Do the same for the Skins as needed. Its pretty easy and self explanatory once you start the process. Good luck
  2. You must have been mistaken. I have not asked for any cars from Horizon 4 or for any cars to be separated. I am well aware of how to take car models apart.
  3. Include the dash in the search name and you will get the result your looking for. The link was reposted by GTA5Korn but I thought Id just point this out about the search attempt. Type in Honda-E. The dash makes alot of difference.
  4. Your welcome, happy to help when I can. Finding a particular car from a particular game can be a challenge. I hope you can find what your looking for.
  5. Yeah I noticed that the interior wasnt very detailed. Unfortunately thats the only version I have of it. As for the GT3 RS in Forza 1, No im sorry I dont have any cars from Forza 1. I have all the cars in Forza 2 and then stuff from more recent versions. Maybe someone else here might be able to find that for you though. Good luck.
  6. I didnt have it in Forza 3 but the same car is in Forza 2. I included the original files, wheels and textures. All the LODs as Obj plus an FBX and a Blend with textures added for both Car and wheels. Have fun https://mega.nz/file/sg8QVCyY#z1E_QAc23xhZM7VUW4_pJrVg-lih_lDFr-mgq5JWmKA
  7. Your welcome. Technically yes it is a request thread but the request would be for a model from Horizon 4 that hasn't yet been uploaded to the site. Once the model is here there is another thread that is specifically for requesting it to be converted to another format. The request convert thread is for any model already uploaded but would also include ones from Forza Horizon too
  8. Heres the car in FBX with textures in DDS and Png. Just so you know though this post should have been placed in the requests conversion topic. https://mega.nz/file/09tClJLI#54SD4jEb154M2BoPLDxIGLlE3p_uh7CLnaAYqIVABiM
  9. I made a graphic to help demystify the Ferrari Configurator confusion. The main thing to keep in mind with this configurator is if the model has a 3D model component it will have a 3D experience option on the opening page for that model. As noted in the graphic models represented in only 2D will also have a 360 view for both the exterior and the interior. The 360 view however is created using photo images and has no actual 3D model component. Hopefully this will help when using this particular configurator
  10. No sorry. The only cars currently in 3d form are the SF90 Spider, the Portofino M and the Roma.
  11. Oh ... I dont know much about that. I bought my copy of 3dSimEd. It cost like 30 dollars. Maybe one of the guys can help with the activating the trial though.
  12. Your welcome that is the version for horizon 4 format.. maybe an other version work also The latest version of 3dSimEd will work fine for converting swatchbins from Horizon 4. Just open the program and then open the Texture Browser. Navigate to the model folder and open the Textures folder. From there you can convert single images or use the Batch convert to do multiple images with in a particular folder. The converted images will be in the same texture folder as they originated from.
  13. Here you go. The Obj exported ok with textures. Looks like the body uses a shader so no textures for that part. The 3DS will need some alignment and manual texture apply. I included the textures though. Have fun https://mega.nz/file/49EyFb4I#EPWdZNluJ1dTMA7RyADqDL3fGcvCa9ja5h6RaHEMeL0
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