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  1. Oh ... I dont know much about that. I bought my copy of 3dSimEd. It cost like 30 dollars. Maybe one of the guys can help with the activating the trial though.
  2. Your welcome that is the version for horizon 4 format.. maybe an other version work also The latest version of 3dSimEd will work fine for converting swatchbins from Horizon 4. Just open the program and then open the Texture Browser. Navigate to the model folder and open the Textures folder. From there you can convert single images or use the Batch convert to do multiple images with in a particular folder. The converted images will be in the same texture folder as they originated from.
  3. Here you go. The Obj exported ok with textures. Looks like the body uses a shader so no textures for that part. The 3DS will need some alignment and manual texture apply. I included the textures though. Have fun https://mega.nz/file/49EyFb4I#EPWdZNluJ1dTMA7RyADqDL3fGcvCa9ja5h6RaHEMeL0
  4. No Problem ... sorry about that. I was cleaning out some mega files last night and accidently deleted that one. Its back up now. Thanks for letting me know. Toyota Tacoma w Tent https://mega.nz/file/89NClJrB#uO9w0Pq4w3pzQqoHDAioPMCscDt_uY2Ohs803nGwiXo
  5. Ferrari recently updated the configurator to include the SF90 Spider Assetto Fiorano variant. I'm posting links to both versions. I've included several file type's including Obj, FBX, GLB, Blend and Textures. Keep in mind these configurator models are very high poly and parts of the cars use shaders so those parts are not UV mapped. While other parts are UV mapped the textures don't transfer to the model during the extraction process so you will need to apply the textures manually or remap them and come up with your own textures. There nice models though. Have fun with them. SF90 Spider https://mega.nz/file/9scFBKwI#6jVnnpacQGbr4TBs6w5a7UKj5WX2OgrP06r3GA-Cm9o SF90 Spider Assetto Fiorano https://mega.nz/file/x4M1jQrD#sXd8Few-nQ1oiMS1cnsZZHha_-IfGraEP1Q6A2F0kh8
  6. Glad you got the issue resolved.
  7. Sounds like something was either corrupted or inadvertently deleted. I would say uninstall the program and do a clean install and see if that solves the issue.
  8. The link you posted isnt the one with the interior. Its actually this link instead. https://hum3d.com/3d-models/subaru-xv-with-hq-interior-2012/#view-interior
  9. Nice car but its missing the front seats, steering wheel and wheels. Is that normal ? Does the game engine reference those from a different file ?
  10. Here you go. The rar has a few different file formats including the original GLTF and GLB and the Textures in PNG. The Blend file is saved in 2.92 and probably wont work with older versions. The Obj, FBX and DAE files didnt want to map properly for some reason. Meaning if you use those file types you will need to apply the textures manually but the Blend file does map the textures correctly. You should have everything you need in there though. Have fun. https://mega.nz/file/EwlXBIZY#Pze9Suj6zU5591yy6ZsJWHr_yNlKciXT1kF5RT3ik9E
  11. Oh sorry . I was looking at the general configurator not the what was contained on that first page. I looked closer and I see it now. My bad, Apologies to BNCdesign and Thanks to Guki.
  12. No ... This configurator uses images and not a 3d model.
  13. When your looking for these links you have to go back through the pages of the thread to find where it was posted. On this particular car it is currently on page 158 about half way down the page. When you do a keyword search for say "Sharan" you want to go to the first entry for that name and then look at the following pages til you see the posted link. Sometimes it takes a little while before a link can be posted and it wont be right where the request was made. That's why its a good habit to read all of the pages in the thread so you can keep up with what's been posted and what hasn't or at the very least the subsequent pages from when a request was originally made. I hope this helps in your future searches.
  14. Your welcome. I think you will come out with something a whole lot better. Have fun
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