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  1. Can you please get the normal edition from there? not the military one. It has different rims.
  2. another VWs please: Teramont X: https://teramontx.svw-volkswagen.com/ Tiguan L: https://tiguan.svw-volkswagen.com/ Tiguan L Phev: https://tiguan.svw-volkswagen.com/phev/ Tharu: https://tharu.svw-volkswagen.com/ Touran: https://touran.svw-volkswagen.com/touranl/ Viloran: https://viloran.svw-volkswagen.com/ Passat Phev: https://passat.svw-volkswagen.com/phev/ E-Lavida: https://e-lavida.svw-volkswagen.com/
  3. @Alexio hmm, only 4 results and this is the 2nd one
  4. The following models have different versions or rims: https://elantra.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/ 1.5L + 240TGDi https://ix35.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/ different rims: 2.0L + 240TGDi https://www.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/vehicles/santafe-4th/ different rims https://www.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/vehicles/encino/ different rims
  5. Here all the other available models with 3D on the site: https://www.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/vehicles/la-festa/ https://www.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/vehicles/la-festaev/ https://ix35.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/ https://www.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/vehicles/new-ix25/ https://www.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/vehicles/encinoev/ https://www.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/vehicles/santafe-4th/ https://www.beijing-hyundai.com.cn/vehicles/encino/
  6. @hugolph1997 no 3D there. I dont understand, why people cant see the difference between pictures and 3D? Can the moderators delete such comments? the 80% of the topic comments are requests of NOT 3D configurators..
  7. https://accord360.ghac.cn/ https://www.ghac.cn/Layouts/Activity/2018/fit/exterior https://fit360.ghac.cn/ https://avancier360.ghac.cn/ http://breeze360.ghac.cn/ https://vezel360.ghac.cn/ https://crider360.ghac.cn/ https://ve-1.ghac.cn/ https://ea6.ghac.cn/ https://odyssey360.ghac.cn/
  8. Looks like the 2018-19 model, not 2020.
  9. when will you guys learn to see the difference between a 3d configurator (where you can see the model from EVERY angle) and a rendered 360° pic...
  10. it is not possible to rip car 3d models from pictures yet. try to request in 50 years.
  11. better wait a game that will have that mclaren as to use that crappy squir models with a totally wrong geometry.
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