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  1. Search works fine, stop making excuses. And it's not a two way street, if you're the only one getting something out of it.
  2. You can't just print any 3D model. Game models are for animation, therefore they only are made from visible surfaces. For 3D printing you need a model that is made of volumes, not just surfaces. Models for 3D-printing need to be "watertight". If you do not know what that means, do a Google search and read what you can find on the issue. What you're asking is a complicated question, don't expect easy answers.
  3. Ripping won't work, the "3D-View" is just a collection of photos, not a real 3D-model.
  4. I don't think so, but there is a nice mod of a HK500 available for MMD. I downloaded it years ago and I forgot the logic of the password as the Japanese language knows different alphabets. MMD files can be converted to .obj or .x with PmxEditor. So good luck cracking the password. Or, if you can do without the textures, you can also directly download an already converted .obj file from my Mediafire link.
  5. Here you go: Ford Festiva + Interior! And while we're at the topic of Digimation/Viewpoint cars, does anyone have any of these to share? Buick Regal (1997) Pontiac Grand Am (1994) I'd also be interested in this: Bristol Blenheim (1999)
  6. https://www.mediafire.com/file/z69vah1tax9mfru/HON_CivicRS_74.7z/file
  7. You don't have to download the whole folder on yadi.sk. Just click on the file you want and a separate download button for that file will appear on top of your window. If that doesn't happen, update your browser or use a different one.
  8. You can unpack those files with quickbms and the Project Gotham Racing 4 script and you'll end up with three .dat files for each car. Judging by the size one is probably the mesh. I don't know what kind of .dat files they are though or if there is an available program that can open them.
  9. I would still be interested to have a look at the El Camino, even with the corrupted mesh.
  10. To load the whole car you need to create a directory on your computer first: C:\FH4\media\cars And then you put the whole folder POR_968TurboS_93 in the cars folder of that directory. Load the .carbin from there, now it should work. Alternatively you can load all the .modelbin parts from the scene subfolders, but 3DSimeERd will not automatically assemble the parts, you have to assemble everything manually then. For the assembly, the program needs the directory path first, so it knows where to find all the parts.
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