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  1. Trying to figure out the workflow process and methodology of taking a R* mod .RPF all the way to separate OBJ files, with or without textures. I've found a few asset mesh that are not available in other formats/games/avenues that have nice interiors/quality detail. There are so many videos, so many different programs and plugins. From what I read, please correct me if i am wrong; Open iv opens the packed .RPF archive, within this archive that can be drag & dropped from Open iv into a specified folder. Allowing the ytf ytd or other asset prefix in a non packed/archive folder. Then there is Zmodeler, DragonFF, and apparently some plugins by Sollumz for Blender that can open them. Allowing exports to OBJ FBX I haven't downloaded any of these yet. I like open source software(Blender, Gimp, VLC, Libre) for the community tutorials and plugins, donating to their development. I can get another rig that may have 3DS MAX 2022.2 installed, but it only has an older Quadro GPU and running two separate rigs via LAN is cumbersome, power inefficient. But ultimately it all takes valuable time to learn each of these software enough to be able to accurately procure the paneled meshes. That is why I am asking for information on which programs can do the most without the added expense of time learning to use each platform/program separately. End goal: I am simply only looking to create a personal database of OBJ, FBX that has materials assigned to the mesh, texture files are optional. So i can break the meshes apart and add details for use in higher definition later if need be. (primarily vehicles before 2010, i currently have 500) Once I understand all of this, I may invest in 3d scanner for HD scans of the vehicles on my associate's boutique car lot. Any insight you would be able to provide, anyone could provide information helping me reach my object would be much appreciated and I am willing to share my findings/accomplishments with those that do. Watching youtube videos for hours of other people racing through, skipping steps, taking shortcuts, not explaining comprehensively what they are doing and why in these programs does nothing but cause frustration/frenzy. Please, if you don't mind, share your experiences and what programs you use personally to bring R* assets down to OBJ mesh format.
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