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  1. Hey guys, I'm completely 100% new to this stuff, and the people in this thread seem to be the only people on the internet that would be capable of explaining how to do this start to finish to a noob. It seems ridiculously complicated and confusing, but I'm willing to learn, and I'm interested in 3d modelling anyway so it could end up being a new passion for all I know. So, could one of you please try explain this to me? Basically, I want to start playing assetto corsa instead of FH5, as all I do is drift anyway and I prefer a more sim-feel. Assetto seems to rely on mods and people importing models n stuff, and I'd love if I could import my cars (and their liveries(textures)) from fh5 as I've a good few I'd miss if I had to rely on other peoples mods! Thanks, sorry for being a complete noob (and late to the thread)
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