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  1. Thank you very much! I've been able to export what i needed...just now need a way to read the uasset files (there should be just values\numbers)...trying open it with UE4 Editor but it didn't work...neither i'm sure i'm doing the right thing!
  2. Hi everybody, searching in the internet I landed here, hopefully somebody can help! So, like the thread title say, I'd like to open the .pak files (well looks like there's just one big file AC2-WindowsNoEditor.pak). I've seen a similar thread here but actually I'm not interested in 3dmodels (and the thread itself looks like kinda dead) rather in cars game data info that - i know for sure - are packed in that big file. I've read about how suppose to unpack it here https://blog.jamie.holdings/2019/03/23/reverse-engineering-aes-keys-from-unreal-engine-4-projects/ but it's definetly far from my skills...so, is there any chance somebody could help me in unpack that file? Thank you in advance.
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