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  1. Hey! Sorry for that. Here is the new link for the M6 gran coupe 2013 with hq interior https://disk.yandex.com/d/fCVisdFDSNO26g
  2. @ProfFrank93 Use search correctly please! models already posted on the topic: bmw alpina b7 : link dead Honda Civic sedan Touring US 2022: link alive Honda cr-v touring 2017 3d model: link alive
  3. @Emergencymodder12345 Hey! dont repeat your requests Or someone has it and doesn't want to share Or nobody has it. And matter of fact i fullfilled your request for that exact vehicle this friday! Its not the first time you do this and if you keep on doing it, all your requests will be deleted!
  4. @Jaxk23 search for one keyword, i have already uploaded that exact model. to use search correctly (if the full name search didnt show ) show for one keyword. example: volkwagen golf, search for "Golf" if the first search didn't show the model you were looking for. After that, if the model isn't uploaded, request it here.
  5. Hey! here you go: https://sharemods.com/qu3cikwhylhp/BMW_3_f30_2013_sedan_3D_Model.rar.html here you go: https://sharemods.com/gxq1y58apbxx/Off_road_tire.zip.html
  6. Hey! here you go: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5eadc2qz77he7f7/825151-Nissan-X-Trail_3D_Model.rar/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/hyjg8mhcvyb6ign/Volkswagen_T2.zip/file Kind Regards, NsG.
  7. @Jaxk23use search please!! Both of the models you requested are already uploaded
  8. @evan mark yang hebat dari use search please!! i posted daewoo gentra 2016 in page 215 9th comment on this forum! in page 211 11th comment there is the bmw 1 series f40 2020. peugeot 3008 2019 : https://sharemods.com/l9pv5xwolr29/Peugeot_3008_2019_3D_Model.rar.html bmw m135i f40: https://sharemods.com/w72i8xikud5z/BMW_M135i_F40_2020_3D_Model.zip.html Now please, use search correctly or else your comments will be hidden! Kind Regards, NsG.
  9. Hey! here you go! https://sharemods.com/vgrz9v7x4y7v/VizPeople_DeLorean.zip.html Leave +Rep if i helped Kind Regards, NsG.
  10. @Ryuga7 Hi! Both of the models you are requesting already have been requested before and the links are still up, just checked. go to the search and put f150 only this topic as shown below When the search results pop up you will see both of the requests, you just need to go to the next page and there is the answer with the download links, both from mega, and the ford-f150 one is by @bodgybro. Kind Regards, NsG. Hey! Here you go: https://sharemods.com/8npkfwkg8h8n/texaco-gas-station.rar.html https://sharemods.com/pzhy1qpf9cjk/64053.zip.html Leave +Rep if i helped Kind Regards, NsG.
  11. here you go! https://sharemods.com/p6u8c5bdefwm/Kia_Sportage_2011_3D_Model.zip.html https://sharemods.com/wocx1bi3qv0x/TwinTurbo_Engine___40_1__41_.zip.html https://sharemods.com/i6rv09msxke4/Photo_Frames_Set_144.zip.html https://sharemods.com/sd78x0fj8qgu/chevrolet_tahoe_hybrid_2010_3D_Model___40_1__41_.zip.html https://sharemods.com/oqyisjeji4ws/Son_Goku_Super_Dragonball.zip.html https://sharemods.com/d85r83ovbt8z/Chevrolet_Aveo_2015_3D_Model___40_1__41_.zip.html hyundai santa fe 2019 is already uploaded https://sharemods.com/daxa9ymehs08/Hyundai_H1_iLoad_2010_3D_Model.zip.html Model already on the Hum3d collectikn To express gratitude, click on the special button in the lower right corner of the post! (and if you can, donate to gamemodels.ru trough boosty -> "click here to see how" ) (text by @Mike Oxmaul and edited by me xD)
  12. Here ya go! https://sharemods.com/5enfd8yu79ta/705254-Kia-Pro-Ceed-GT-2014.zip.html war machine: https://www.transferxl.com/download/08t9x98R38Rn5 https://sharemods.com/j4tdpyx9e5le/Headphone_Spiderman_Venom_____3D_Print_Mask.zip.html https://sharemods.com/cgv03k190e7o/chibi_venom_fdm.zip.html Leave +Rep if i helped
  13. Hey! No problem. here you go: https://sharemods.com/rledeui0zdmz/Old_Soviet_Scooter.zip.html https://sharemods.com/w4efrrlmgzfu/Mercedes_E63_Sedan_AMG_2021_3D_Model.zip.html https://sharemods.com/80xc51edyxa8/Jeep_Gladiator_2020_3D_Model___40_1__41_.zip.html https://sharemods.com/fdamur13qz89/GMC_353_Military_Truck.zip.html Leave +Rep if i helped
  14. Hey! here you go! https://sharemods.com/p8jw2i08gqyo/Jeep_Willys_1944___40_1__41_.zip.html Leave +Rep if i helped
  15. Here you go! Ford bronco 2021 4door and 2 door: https://www.transferxl.com/download/08vjqhGJHs2HWK car wheel gram lights: https://sharemods.com/zjkynum9ffdu/Car_wheel_Gram_LIGHTS_57CR.zip.html blitz type 01 car rim: https://sharemods.com/yoy9xgq8uam6/Blitz_Type_01_car_rim.zip.html mitsubish fuso canter 815 wide single cab tilt tray beaver tail truck 2016: https://sharemods.com/cptzrxloz7yg/Mitsubishi_Fuso_Canter_Wide_Single_Cab_Tilt_Tray_Beaver_Tail_Truck_2016_3D_Model.zip.html toyota crown royal saloon 2001: https://sharemods.com/8gqap1n7wnet/Toyota_Crown_Royal_Saloon_2001_3D_model.zip.html Leave +Rep if i helped
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