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  1. @Human122 @Maverick Hello, how did you do it, after I extract the GLB file, it cannot be opened
  2. Volkswagen lamando l 2022 UV has been lost, making the map unusable. If convenient, please upload blender file or FBX format. thank you
  3. https://www.changan.com.cn/3Dhall/UNI-V/ https://configuration-3d-web.dsmp.voyah.com.cn/df/ Thanks for your help. If you can, save the format in gltf format
  4. thank you https://www.tanksuv.com/tank500-720.html Thank you for your help. If you can, please save a copy in FBX format
  5. https://visualizer.cadillac.com/2023lyriq/5737ed91 Thanks in advance for help
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