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    @XiLime https://disk.yandex.ru/d/33cTjlZTxGUSuA
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    @ilya76 https://disk.yandex.ru/d/7IBPTpdR7VZ79Q
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    https://desirefx.me/ferrari-330-p4-3d-model/ Please
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    Version m_1.1


    McLaren 720S Coupe (Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw Edition) 2017 If you like concept of creation modified versions from CSR Racing 2 and you would like the creation process to continue, please support it by donating any amount to: PayPal.me/CSBMods Thank you! ABOUT Includes original models in FBX and textures in PNG Includes modified version models in MAX16, FBX and OBJ format with modified textures in PNG format Highly detailed 3D model: Interior, Engine, Door sills, Trunk, the reverse side of the trunk, hood MODIFIED VERSION Original smoothing and normals for base and detached parts Properly detached, scaled and positioned wheels Properly detached, scaled and positioned calipers Detached interior emissive elements into separated object InteriorEmissive Separated and modified textures to PBR format Textured using relative maps (/maps) Includes car visual data (calipers data, car paints data, interiors data, liveries data, wheels data, specs data) in JSON format Modified version mapping Calipers [1] Color [2] Textured [3] Badge Engine [1] Default [2] Default (opacity) Glass [1] Clear glass [2] Red glass [3] Amber glass [4] Window glass [5] Window glass (dark) Interior [1] Default [2] Default (opacity) InteriorZone1 [1] Default (solid RGB Color1 + Interior shading) [2] Default (opacity) InteriorZone2 [1] Default (solid RGB Color2 + Interior shading) [2] Default (opacity) InteriorEmissive [1] Default (UV2) / overlays Interior Light [1] Default / LightEmissive (UV2) overlays Light Wheels [1] Default [2] Tire [3] Rotor
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