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    https://desirefx.me/ferrari-330-p4-3d-model/ Please
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    Perhaps it's in there (not my folder): https://www.mediafire.com/folder/eiv3kh0qzc7ch/3DCarModels You know, I was still waiting when Keihin7/gtb765 rips the AE86 Levin Coupe and a few other cars, so some recently added to the game cars' models are still missing.
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    Tutorial - Extracting cars from Assetto Corsa Competizione Download last version of the game Install the game Download Umodel tool here: https://www.gildor.org/down/45/umodel/umodel_win32.zip Launch Umodel, select game install dir and set all parameters like on a screenshot: When the app ask for a key, use this: 0x25E7F2758E70CCB3B5753577230E8048EA38563963B18BE15B5DEA222B427846 Next, find "cars" dir into "AC2/Content/", right-click on them and select "Export folder contents". Select export options and output directory Download ActorX Importer for 3ds Max and install: https://www.gildor.org/down/45/actorx/ActorXImporter.zip Open 3ds Max, launch ActorX Importer Script Select materials folder (usually located into the car folder you want to import) And select all the car meshes. Wait until the import is being finished. Enjoy the model!) Now you can export to other formats and/or applications, edit the model, re-convert to other games and many more
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