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    @"Lucas Do not try to attract attention to yourself by forcing your own request - they will not fulfill it faster because of this. But the chance to get ignored in your address is greatly increased. If you can't wait, that's your problem.
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    Version 1.0_m


    Ferrari F50 1995 ABOUT Includes original models in FBX and textures in PNG Includes modified version models in MAX16, FBX and OBJ format with modified textures in PNG format Highly detailed 3D model: Interior, Engine, Door sills, Trunk, the reverse side of the trunk, hood MODIFIED VERSION Original smoothing and normals for base and detached parts Properly detached, scaled and positioned wheels Properly detached, scaled and positioned calipers Detached interior emissive elements into separated object InteriorEmissive Separated and modified textures to PBR format Textured using relative maps (/maps) Includes car visual data (calipers data, car paints data, interiors data, liveries data, wheels data, specs data) in JSON format Modified version mapping Calipers [1] Color [2] Textured [3] Badge Engine [1] Default [2] Default (opacity) Glass [1] Clear glass [2] Red glass [3] Amber glass [4] Window glass [5] Window glass (dark) Interior [1] Default [2] Default (opacity) [3] Color 1 [4] Color 1 (opacity) [5] Color 2 [6] Color 2 (opacity) InteriorEmissive [1] Default (UV2) / overlays Interior Light [1] Default / LightEmissive (UV2) overlays Light Wheels [1] Default [2] Tire [3] Rotor
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    @DARKSIDEOPG I totally understand that the (masked) diffuse texture may not look good enough, but "downgrading" textures to be compatible with 15+ year old games using technique which "do not always work" and which will prevent them to be used by the way they they were designed never was and never will be a goal of texture separation in modified version. Current, universal state allows modders to create effect they wish by manually combining textures and is prepared for any future use in modern CG/video game. I use every single texture to render release previews (renders may not be perfect, but they look good) and I would never achieve the result if modified version textures were "glued" into a single texture. I rendered ~200 different models * at least 3 pictures per model and I've never experienced any noticeable issues using provided normal maps like you mentioned.
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    @DARKSIDEOPG Personally I don’t see it as CSB’s job to offer even more options for every single different way someone might use the models and textures. The textures supplied can easily be used to create the effect you desire and since it’s such a use by use case, it should be up to the modder in my opinion. If they don’t have they skills, they can be easily learned. CSR2 doesn’t have these textures in the way you mentioned, therefore it’s CSB’s job to create them on top of everything else for only one part of the users which is a use by use case within that part. Like you said, a tutorial explaining how to do it and relieving CSB of this job is a much better plan.
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    I have the Maxima, here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zpaptwaa5k2tr6h/Nissan_Maxima__2016__3D_Model.zip/file
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    Can someone convert this to obj with textures for me please
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    Some people are lazy or never learn.
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    Hi all! Today I want to release a big collection of 3D Models from Hum3D site. I don't want to upload each model on the site because models count is too big. Just download from here. 28.7 GB, 1740 models. Models with postfix 'HQinterior' have a detailed interior and door sills. All models provided in OBJ format (each model packed into ZIP archive), if model has a specific texures like paintjob - it should be included. Models use 2 iterations of TurboSmooth - iterations placed and collapsed by model author! Use 'TurboReverse' plugin if you want to remove the iterations. Polygons type: Quads Materials: Yes UV: I don't know Download link: https://yadi.sk/d/YhyYpGYiNRN-dg https://yadi.sk/d/YhyYpGYiNRN-dg https://yadi.sk/d/YhyYpGYiNRN-dg
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    Download 3D model from Forza Horizon 3: 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 / Скачать 3D Модель автомобиля "1967 Lamborghini Miura P400" из игры "Forza Horizon 3" WARNING!!! PLEASE READ THIS TUTORIAL FIRST! TUTORIAL "HOW TO EXTRACT MODELS FROM Forza Horizon 3 ABOUT ORIGINAL ARCHIVE WITH MODEL FROM GAME! Model in MODELBIN format Textures in SWATCHBIN format Необходимые программы для работы с моделью Make H2O Forza Horizon 3 - extracting meshes SB2DDS, 3dSimED 3.1g - work with textures 3dsMax, Blender - work with model files ВНИМАНИЕ! Все авторские права на содержимое, представленное в этом архиве принадлежат непосредственно его создателям! Файлы в архиве предназначены для ознакомительных целей! Запрещено использовать модели в коммерческих целях! При использовании моделей, пожалуйста, указывайте ссылку на GameModels.ru - так Вы поможете развитию проекта. Спасибо!
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    Проблемка,у меня Windows 7 64 bit,и не запускается...пишет,что прекратило работу
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    Странно,на Win8 не работает =(
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    2021 Porsche 718 Spyder https://www.mediafire.com/file/vul892zwcozlhkc/2021_Porsche_718_spyder.7z Availability: MAX18, FBX, Textures.
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    This one uses Blend4Web 17.x - models are stored in *.json.gz and *.bin.gz files with "magic bytes" header "B4WB". @Apex could you help me to convert that type in the future? ---- This one uses Unity engine but I can't find any vehicle model in the assets. I think the models was downloaded. I can't check because this app is for Android, but I use iOS. I extract 3 cars for you but all of them needs to be fixed. Some parts have wrong position. Download here: https://yadi.sk/d/smY0YaPAZZm1kw This archive also contains original files for importing via ActorXImporter.
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