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Forza Studio v4.6 Edited By JYSB59 4.6

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What's the point

  • Forza Studio is a tool coded by Make Davis for view 3D forza and textures



Original Tool

  • Export and view 3D files forza (.carbin/.rmb/.bin) (Export .obj)
  • Export and view XDS forza textures (Export .bmp/.png/.jpg)
  • Unpack forza archive (bms script for .zip)

Options Added

  • Auto update
  • New design
  • New logo
  • New 3D color
  • Forza Horizon 1/2 3D Support (Thx Mike)
  • Forza 2 3D Support (Thx Chipicao)
  • Hex view in Forza Studio (Beta and only view)
  • XPR Encoder Added (Bundler Gui)
  • XPR Decoder Added (Unbundler GUI)
  • XPR Anti Decoder Options (For a XPR file like a security)
  • Green screen for view textures without alpha

Future features

  • New design (again)
  • Custom keyboard panel
  • Custom 3D color panel
  • Pack archive (ISO support)
  • XML view (in ZIP archive)
  • Forza 4 save editor
  • Forza 4 console modding
  • Export textures to TGA in Forza Studio
  • (new) Parts DB in Forza Studio

Other Options (Maybe one day)

  • CARBIN Converter for Forza 4 (OBJ to CARBIN) (The dream)
  • A real time 3D editor (For big config)
  • Highlight name parts/begin hex part/ect... in a Hex view
  • Offset view (for a part or a element selected)
  • Auto name changer (for name part easily)
  • More...

You need for work

  • NET Framework 2.0 at least
  • XNA Framework 3.1 (Not 4.0) Download

A big thanks to Make Davis for code the original tool

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