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ZModeler 3.0.6 b103

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Скачать ZModeler 3 v.3.0.6. build 103 - новая версия самого популярного и известного 3D-редактора для игровых моделей!


В третьей версии

  • Полностью обновлен интерфейс
  • Добавлено огромное количество функций
  • Редактирование и создании анимации
  • Новые средства и инструменты для моделирования
  • Удобная работа с иерархией модели
  • Возможность автоскрытия панелей инструментов
  • Обновленный редактор материалов
  • и многое-многое другое

В версии 3.0.6 b103



Splines were restored and now available in ZModeler3. Splines and their control point have the following features (some should be configured in options):

  • Shared (linked) control point positions between different splines
  • Per-point segmentation (detalization) or automatic detalization
  • Three types of control points (affects incoming and outgoing spline segment): corner, bezier and bezier-corner
  • User-defined options can be set on spline and/or any control point
  • Spline and manipulators colors customization via settings menu
  • Per-spline color assignment can be configured in settings menu (and color is set in spline properties)
  • Drawing spline direction arrow can be configured in settings menu.

The following tools can deal with splines and perform specific tasks when applied to spline or spline control point:

Attach - merges joined spline into one spline when applied on nodes level (splines should have a shared point already); merges splines into single spline when applied on manipulators level (a sort of "connect" operation is performed when one point is bridged/connected to another point with new spline segment) - no shared point required to attach this way.

  • Break - breaks up spline at a given control point. You can break the closed (looped) spline so it will have an accessible start and end-point. When breaking non-closed spline chain, a new spline is created at break point. When splines head or end-point is merged to another spline, using a break tool on this point can detach spline, so it's no longer linked with merged point to any other spline (to say, "Detach" tool does the same).
  • Delete - deletes spline or spline control point
  • Flip - changes spline direction.
  • Insert - when applied on manipulators level, creates a spline point under cursor in a given spline. Spline shape is preserved.
  • Mirror, Move, Rotate, Scale - each tool does what it supposes to do.
  • Detach - can be applied to spline on nodes level. Will detach it's merged points from other splines.
  • Weld - merges selected control points (points from different splines can be welded to create a merged/linked control point). Welding a start and tail point of the same spline will "close" the spline into looped curve. Merging several sequential control points of the single spline will produce single control point instead of selected.
  • Snapping - two more buttons added to snapping toolbar: Spline Points and Spline Curves. These allow snapping to spline points and to spline curve lines.

Spline creation

  • Spline creation tools are on "Create" tab of commands bar in "Splines" group. Strip tool requires click-and-drag approach when click specifies position of control point and dragging specifies an outgoing curvature of segment. Spline is drawn interactively, so you can see changes during creation. An Arc tool creates a three point arc spline given a start, end and mid-points.
  • Each of these tools can interactive weld control points with existing splines. When you place a point close enough to existing spline point, the potential weld is highlighted with a small purple circle. Then ZModeler will ask whether you intended to weld points at given positions, or just snap them (refine positions, so they perfectly match, but do not weld). The strip tool can end spline creation then, or can continue if needed.
  • The Circle spline creation tool creates a circle given it's center point and a radius. The circle is aligned to viewport, so it's control points are laid with higher accuracy. When you hold Ctrl key, you can specify any initial position of control point and alternatively can create an ellipse (so two radius values are specified: Base-radius and Up-radius). An entry-box appears after creation, so you can refine amount of points and radius value(s).
  • The Helix tool is very alike Circle tool in workflow, but creates a helix/spring with additional options: amount of loops and a total height.


Это копия пробной версии программы с официального сайта! "Ломаной" версии не существует!

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