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Background sources by CROWNED & Khyzyl Saleem

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Modified Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series '14 m_1.2

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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series 2014




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This release contains a total of two versions:




  • Raw export from the game archives without any further modifications or post-processings
  • High quality 3D models in FBX format
  • Medium quality textures in PNG format



  • Standardized version of Original version created by @.CSB
  • Altered high quality 3d models in MAX21 (PBR), FBX and OBJ formats
  • Altered medium quality textures in PNG format





  • Exclusive version created by using series of post-processings and modification on both 3D models and textures of Original version
  • The vision is to create more standardized, consistent releases and to simplify work with them by making them more "prepared"
  • "Import and use"



  • Guaranteed original smoothing and normals for all original and detached objects (FWN)
  • Detached, positioned and scaled Callipers and Badges
  • Detached, positioned and scaled all OEM wheels
  • Detached all interior zones (colors) to separated objects - InteriorZone*
  • Detached interior emissive/"glowing" components to separated object - InteriorEmissive
  • Reindexed material Ids of following objects:
    • Calliper - CalliperPaint[1], Textured[2], CalliperBadge[3]
    • Engine - Engine[1], EngineMasked[2]
    • Glass - ClearGlass[1], RedGlass[2], AmberGlass[3], WindowGlass[4], WindowDarkGlass[5]
    • Interior - Interior[1], InteriorMasked[2]
    • InteriorZone* - InteriorZone[1], InteriorZoneMasked[2]
    • Paint - Paint[1], Livery[2]
    • Wheel* - Rim[1], Tire[2], Rotor[3], Other (Carbon, Textured, ...)[4]



  • Fully textured model including global/shared textures
  • Separated channels of combined texture maps (DiffuseAOSO, Material, MaterialOpacity...) to corresponding textures implementing PBR standard/format
  • Fixed inconsistency between material and texture names by renaming textures and removing kit prefixes to ensure linear and intuitive workflow
  • Fixed missmatching wheel kit texture names in some scenarios to match wheel geometry name (for example: situation where Wheel1A_3D using textures Wheel2A instead of Wheel1A)
  • Includes textures from shared libraries
  • Remaped textures to relative paths (/maps)



  • Included car visual data (calipers data, car paints data, interiors data, liveries data, wheels data, visual specifications data - configs) in JSON format
  • Incremental kit merging - Merging multiple car versions (Kits) to one (*RewardRecycled, *Reward, *Gold, *Crew etc.) by merging visual specifications and wheel variants (if technically and logically possible)

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