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Background sources by CROWNED & Khyzyl Saleem

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  1. CSR2 Elite Tuners Rim Pack in CSR Racing 2

    CSR2 Elite Tuners Rim Pack
    Collection of 3D models and textures of aftermarket rims available in Elite Tuners customization of CSR Racing 2.
    If you like concept of creation modified versions from CSR Racing 2 and you would like the creation process to continue, please support it by donating any amount to:
    Thank you!
    This pack contains a total of 2 versions:
    Original version Modified version  
    Original 3D models in FBX format Original texures in PNG format  
    Modified 3D models in MAX, FBX and OBJ formats Modified textures in PNG format (detached channels to separated textures) Properly detached, remaped, textured and grouped geometries of Rims Properly detached, remaped, textured and grouped geometries of BrakeDiscs Properly detached, remaped, textured and grouped geometries of Tires Fixed inconsistency between texture and material names (absence of material sharing between variants to preserve coinstency) Created materials (Multi-sub object) for each rim variant (*A, *B, *C ...) to remove the need to manually apply textures for different rim variants  
    Understanding rim types, sizes and hierarchy (MODIFIED VERSION)
    Before being able to effectively work with rims of modified version, it's important to understand how the scene of modified version is standardized. Each scene contains multiple groups of rim types in following format:
    _mso_placeholder (Geometry) - explained below R{size}{type}{type_variant} (Group) - groups all 4 rims/sides together R{size}{type}{type_variant}_LF (Group) - groups geometries of particular side together  R{size}{type}{type_variant}_LF_BrakeDisc (Geometry) - geometry of this side brake disc R{size}{type}{type_variant}_LF_Rim (Geometry)  - geometry of this side rim (can have multiple variants) R{size}{type}{type_variant}_LF_Tire (Geometry)  - geometry of this side tire R{size}{type}{type_variant}_LR  (Group)  ... R{size}{type}{type_variant}_RF  (Group)  ... R{size}{type}{type_variant}_RR  (Group)  ... Legend:
    {size} - Size of the rim in inches (for example: R18Na -> 18" rim) {type}- Type of the rim in terms of customization type - two values: N-Normal, W-Wide (for example: R18Wa -> 'Wide' rim for TNR bodykits of type 'Wide') {type_variant} -  Variant of the type (not importatnt outside of the game)  
    Working with rim variants - understanding _mso_placeholder (MODIFIED VERSION)
    Rim variants are customization options which change appearance of the rim. Each rim may have multiple different appearance possibilities - different material of geometry surface (color, glossiness) -> (matte black, glossy black, chrome, gold etc.). Rim variants are separated using uppercase letters of alphabet - for example: Rim*A, Rim*B, Rim*C... Using/changing variant means using different material/texture for Rim objects.
    Each rim scene of modified version contains special helper object - _mso_placeholder, which has a Multi-sub object material applied to it. The multi-material contains material for each possible variant of the rim (index+ -> variant+) (for example: mso[1]->Rim_*A, mso[2]->Rim_*B etc.). The point of the multi-material is to remove the need to manually change textures in order to change rim variant.
    There are two strategies of use this was aimed for:
    The material can be "pulled-out" of the Multi-material and applied to the rim objects to change variant The whole Multi-material can be applied to Rim object, where changing material Id of Rim object (all faces) will result a change of variant  

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