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Background sources by CROWNED & Khyzyl Saleem

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  1. NFS-CarToolkit in Other

    NFS-CarToolkit is a universal tool that allows you to create car mods for Speed games.  
    Loading GEOMETRY.BIN and TEXTURES.BIN files from ALL NFS EAGL games: Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, Carbon, ProStreet, Undercover and World Export to ALL NFS EAGL games: Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, Carbon, ProStreet, Undercover and World Loading mods from the following 3D formats: OBJ, ZModeler v1.0.7b z3d Geometry and texture viewers Exporting the loaded geometry objects to the OBJ format Exporting the loaded textures to the DDS format Almost all cars from supported games can be opened (including traffic) Automatic name resolving of parts, textures and position markers (dummy nodes) Automatic generating all LOD parts while creating your own modification etc... (see more in the Changelog)  
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package: x64 or x86

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  2. AssetStudio in Other

    Download AssetStudio / Скачать программу "AssetStudio"
    AssetStudio is a tool for exploring, extracting and exporting Unity assets and asset bundles.  
    First of all, check for availability of new version by this link: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/Perfare/assetstudio/branch/master/artifacts  
    Supports Unity from 2.5 to 2020.2 version Export meshes to FBX (via "Animator" or "Export all objects") and OBJ (via "Mesh") Export textures to PNG, BMP, JPEG (including sprites) Export audio clips to WAV (PCM), MP3, OGG, M4A, FSB Export Font, Shader, TextAsset, MovieTexture, VideoClip, MonoBehaviour, AnimationClip, Animator (export to FBX file with bound AnimationClip) Unpacking Unity3D archives Loading multiple files in directory Support PC, Android and iOS games created with Unity game engine Open-source project, GitHub page Freeware, no need to pay, buy the license, etc.  
    .NET Framework 4.8 Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable  
    All Copyrights on the content presented in this archive owned directly by Perfare! Files in the archive are for informational purposes only! It is forbidden to use this file for commercial purposes! When using models, please quote reference to GameModels.ru - so you will help the development of the project. Thank you!

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  3. The Crew 2 DAT Unpacker in Other

    The Crew 2 DAT Unpacker позволяет распаковывать архивы игры The Crew 2.
    Скопируйте содержимое архива TC2.DATUnpacker.zip в папку с архивами игры. Обычно это папка data_win32
    Запустите программу TC2.DATUnpacker.exe
    Нажмите File - Open
    Выберите нужный архив. Автомобили хранятся в архиве vehicles_resources
    Ожидайте окончания распаковки
    Далее следуйте инструкции по сортировке и импортированию

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  4. QuickBMS in Other

    Download QuickBMS / Скачать QuickBMS
    Universal, script-based files extractor and re-importer which supports tons of games and file formats, archives, encryptions, compressions, obfuscations and other algorithms. It uses a minimalistic GUI if the executable is double-clicked (launched normally) or from command-line if launched from the console, by using this second mode or a link to the executable it's possible to activate many useful and advanced options.
    open source and multiplatform, tested on Windows (even Win98) and GNU/Linux (x86 and PPC) works from both command-line and GUI (Windows only, just double-click on quickbms.exe) reimport and reimport2 modes for reinjecting the modified files back to the archives support for tons of encryption algorithms, even some proprietary ones support for tons of compression algorithms (over 700), even some proprietary ones support for tons of hashing algorithms support for other types of algorithms (like base64) and/or obfuscations (xor, rot and so on) support for calling DLLs and raw dumped functions with almost any known calling convention support for bits operation and switchable little/big endian simple and dynamic language that allows to make many operations reducing the percentage of archives and formats that can't be supported easily verbose option (-V) that displays all the needed details during reversing and testing of file formats HTML output (-H) that automatically applies colors and names to the fields parsed during the usage of the scripts: example for zip.bms on q3infoboom.zip possibility to use the tool as a blind scanner of compression, encryption and crc/checksum algorithms support for network sockets, SSL and http/https support for other alternative input/output interfaces like processes (included debugging and automatic breakpoint restoring), audio, video and Windows messages support for the visualization and creation of various types of data like x86 assembly, IP addresses, time_t, FILETIME, ClassID and more support for C-like structures and basic syntax for easy handling of file formats support for any command-line decompressor/decrypter/anything_else via the EXECUTE method (Comtype and Encryption commands) read and write operations quickbms_4gb_files.exe is a native 32bit program with all the variables set as 64bit useful in some situations planned future development that will cover more advanced features for reverse engineers and power users customizable CRC engine tons of scripts supporting hundreds of file formats and thousands of games experimental games localization (strings editing) creation of ISO images and ZIP archives as alternative outputs embedded C compiler to use C functions at runtime support for embedded Python and Lua scripts experimental IPC interfaces: named pipes, mailslot, web and dll support for the WCX packer plugins of Total Commander  
    Official Page with a lot of information and useful scripts  

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  5. Swatchbin Converter + STMA in Other

    Swatchbin Texture Converter (swatchbin2dds, sb2dds) by Tado Hmn
    Swatchbin Texture Converter is a swatchbin texture processing tool used to convert swatchbin texture maps from Forza Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 6 Apex and Forza Motorsport 7 to other wide-open image formats including DDS10, PNG and BMP, while supporting most of DXGI compression standards and input swatchbins with extended TXQU headers.
    Swatchbin Texture Modding Assistant (STMA) is an interface extension to Swatchbin Converter introduced in version 0.42. The interface allows to view, modify and replace swatchbin textures.

    Java Runtime Environment 8 and above Read more: https://tdohmn.webnode.com/swatchbin-texture-converter/ ( latest: https://java.com/en/download/ )
    Intel Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop ( https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-texture-works-plugin )

    Swatchbin Converter
    Swatchbin texture conversion to DDS10, BMP or PNG
    Bulk task : Allows to convert thousands of textures by single click
    Block type compressions are automatically rescaled to have dimensions by multiple of 4
    Drag and Drop support : Possibility to Drag&Drop textures and folder to the program to preform conversion
    Logging support
    Hash-less filenames : Possibility to exclude hash (texture UUID) from texture name for output texture
    Direct output directory: Possibility for output textures to be placed in same directory as input
    Delete on demand : Possibility to pernamentely delete input files once conversion is done
    Overwrite existing : Possibility to keep or overwrite existing files in output directory

    Allows to view, modify and replace contents and properties of swatchbin textures
    Allows replace swatchbin textures with PNG and BMP maps
    ZIP Stream : Possibility to stream (read, write) original, not encrypted ZIP archives.
    Backup Database Manager : Gives opportunity to backup swatchbin textures before replacing. The manager itself is able to hold multiple swatchbins.
    Advanced replace options : Gives opportunity to set your new texture compression method, maximum count of mip maps and dimension match
    Bulk funcions : Backup all open textures to Backup Database, close all open textures
    Advanced settings

    Conversion guide
    Drag & Drop swatchbin textures you wish to convert to sb2dds main window interface.
    (or) use buttons found in main window interface to create new conversion task.
    NOTE: It's not recommended to begin new task once the tool is already processing one.
    It will be handled by another thread creation, but scrambles the interface.

    Developed by Tado Hmn

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  6. Make H2O Forza Horizon 3 in Other


    Author: shakotay2
    Make_H2O-ForzaHor.exe directly logs wavefront obj data from *modelbins files

    Все авторские права на содержимое, представленное в этом архиве принадлежат непосредственно его создателям!
    Файлы в архиве предназначены для ознакомительных целей!
    Запрещено использовать модели в коммерческих целях!
    При использовании моделей, пожалуйста, указывайте ссылку на GameModels.ru - так Вы поможете развитию проекта. Спасибо!

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  7. XBGTools in Other

    XBGTools содержит программы XBGimporter & XBGmover
    XBGimporter 0.8 - позволяет импортировать модели из таких игр, как: FarCry 3, FarCry 4 и The Crew. Возможности:
    vertex positions scaled with shader constants
    texture coordinates scaled with shader constants
    vertex normals decoded
    vertex colors
    LODs & submeshes
    hierarchy where available

    XBGMover - утилита для сортировки меш-файлов игры The Crew. После распаковки утилитой The Crew DAT Unpacker by Ekey, поместите XBGMover.exe в папку Unpacked и запустите.
    Полная инструкция по работе с моделями из The Crew находится здесь:

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  8. The Crew DAT Unpacker in Other

    The Crew DAT Unpacker позволяет распаковывать архивы игры The Crew.
    Скопируйте содержимое архива TCDATUnpacker_0.0.2a_r2.7z в папку с архивами игры. Обычно это папка data_win32
    Скопируйте FileNames.list & newfiles.txt из TC_Projects_u4.rar в папку Projects (это обновит базу файлов)
    Запустите программу DATUnpacker.exe
    Нажмите File - Open
    Выберите нужный архив. Автомобили хранятся в архиве vehicles
    Ожидайте окончания распаковки
    Далее следуйте инструкции по сортировке и импортированию


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  9. PVR Plugins Pack in Other

    Plugin's Pack for support *PVR textures for 3dsMax, Maya, Photoshop / Сборник плагинов поддержки *PVR текстур для 3dsMax, Maya, Photoshop
    2010 (32&64bit)
    2011 (32&64bit)
    2012 (32&64bit)
    2013 (32&64bit)
    2014 (64bit)
    2015 (new!)

    2010 (32&64bit + OSX)
    2011 (32&64bit + OSX)
    2012 (32&64bit + OSX)
    2013 (32&64bit + OSX)
    2014 (64bit + OSX)
    2015 (new!)

    All versions (32bit)

    Для Photoshop: скопировать файл плагина PVRTexTool.8bi в папку \Plug-ins\File Formats
    Для 3dsMax: скопировать PVRTexTool_v20xx.dle в папку \3ds Max 20xx\stdplugs (соблюдайте правильность версии и битности!)

    Также вы можете скачать приложение для работы с PVR текстурами:


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  10. PVRTexTool in Other

    PVRTexTool представляет собой набор утилит для работы с *PVR текстурами, которые используются в мобильных играх и приложениях. Основным преимуществом данного формата является хорошее сжатие, что позволяет уменьшить расходы памяти и ускорить работу приложения. Пакет программ включает в себя библиотеку, командную строку, графическую оболочку и плагины. Плагины доступны для таких программ, как: Autodesk 3DSMax, Maya, Adobe Photoshop.
    Для рядового пользователя данная программа необходима для конвертации PVR-текстур в привычный формат. PVRTexTool умеет сохранять текстуры в форматы: DDS, KTX, PVR.
    Основные возможности
    Поддержка всех основных форматов текстур в OpenGL ES и DirectX 11.1
    PVRTC, ETC и DXT сжатие текстур
    Сохранение текстур в PVR, KTX, или DDS форматы
    Предварительная обработка текстур для эффективного рендеринга
    Генерация карт нормалей
    Составление и визуализация cube-карт
    Создание массивов текстур
    Оптимизация шрифтов для создания текстур

    Запускаем установщик, соглашаемся с условиями
    Выбираем необходимые компоненты. В данном случае нам необходим ТОЛЬКО PVRTexTool
    Далее, отмечаем плагины для установки, и ассоциацию с *PVR файлами
    Начнется скачивание выбранных компонентов, а после начнется установка

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