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  2. are those car from this app right? https://apkpure.com/car/com.cheyoujia.carplusplus
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  4. https://www.toyota.com.tw/showroom/SIENTA/ https://www.toyota.com.tw/showroom/COROLLA_CROSS_GR/ https://www.toyota.com.tw/showroom/ALTIS_GR/ https://www.toyota.com.tw/showroom/COROLLA_CROSS/ https://www.toyota.com.tw/showroom/HILUX/ https://www.toyota.com.tw/showroom/PRIUS_PHV/ https://www.toyota.com.tw/showroom/86/ in obj format please thanks
  5. @blondeddhl https://disk.yandex.ru/d/lOyElInb3oAwPg
  6. can someone convert this to OBJ? thanks in advance
  7. @WASD9273 https://disk.yandex.ru/d/IlUZTr6vS80znQ
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  9. kayhotic

    M60 A3

    Looks nothing like the thumbnail. not high poly
  10. Does anybody have a model of this in OBJ format? https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/bell-206 Thanks if you have it.
  11. @Tenshi https://disk.yandex.ru/d/TruFgxQE6MqfCQ
  12. Hi, can someone help to convert this one to obj? Thanks in advance!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Download 3D Model International Lonestar from the game "American Truck Simulator" / Скачать 3D Модель International Lonestar из игры "American Truck Simulator" ABOUT Model in OBJ format Textures in DDS format SOFTWARE Import, any 3d Editor that supports the OBJ format. Import, edit in any image editor that supports the DDS format. USEFUL LINKS Steering Creations Pack ATS Interior Decors ATS Wheel Tuning Pack ATS Wheels ATS Christmas Paint Jobs Pack ATS Common ATS Texture Package Goodyear Tires Pack ATS WARNING! All Copyrights on the content presented in this archive owned directly by its creators! Files in the archive are for informational purposes only! It is forbidden to use this model for commercial purposes! When using models, please quote reference to GameModels.ru - so you will help the development of the project. Thank you!
    good, correct folder name and a non gamemodels.ru server download
  14. Pleasse can anyone get me this model? Please? https://carconfigurator.ferrari.com/en_EN/car/ferrari_premium_configurator/296gtb/default/(ConfigBody:summary)?configuration=29c4485f3bdac7c6a6912e68fea35acee11b193f676a1eebeb7b3961d38d75ea
  15. @squaredd I'm sorry, I made a little mistake... https://disk.yandex.ru/d/w2t3Ddrbi2TL2w @ringt0nRUS It's not a format where textures are?
  16. @squaredd https://drive.google.com/file/d/1usl6h-ivF8ivW5NIdbCsBjNBOMlhHrVv/view?usp=sharing Mazda MX-5 '13
  17. @Teslly you should get a permission from model author in this case. we all should respect the other people work.
  18. i asked aurthor but that model was not made by mod aurthor. so can you extract it? or i gotta s ask permission from the model developer?
  19. hi does anyone have these models? https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/genesis-g90-2017 https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/monza-race-track-2019 thanks
  20. Last week
  21. @Guki Sorry for replying an old thread. Do you still keep the original game files ? I wanted to rip it by myself (not just car model)
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