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The Crew Models

Extracting, sorting and importing

Написано DMN в26 фев 2015 15:09
The Crew


WARNING! For now, this instruction is in BETA, because models are not imported correctly!


Prepare the necessary software:
  • Installed The Crew game
  • The Crew DAT Unpacker by Ekey (currently at ver. 0.0.2a_r2)
  • Updated filelist for unpacker (TC_Projects_u4.rar - included in Unpacker)
  • XBGMover by Chipicao
  • XBGImporter by Chipicao (currently at ver. 0.8)
Let's GO! I recommend open all images in new tab!

Part 1. Unpacking and sorting
  • Go to The Crew - data_win32. Copy here all files from The Crew DAT Unpacker archive
1 - Unpacker
  • Copy FileNames.list & newfiles.txt from TC_Projects_u4.rar in Projects folder. This will update the database files.
  • Open DATUnpacker.exe. Click File - Open
2 - Unpacker Open
  • Select Vehicles.fat archive
3 - Vehicles Fat
  • Wait until the process of unpacking
4 - Unpacked
  • After unpacking all files will be located in the Unpacked folder. __Unknown folder contains models, graphics -> vehicles folder contains textures.
5 - Models 5 - Textures
  • Open XBGMover.rar. Copy XBGmover.exe to Unpacked folder, on the same level with __Unknown and graphics folders.
6 - XBGMover
  • Run XBGmover.exe with administrator access. This will start the process of sorting and moving models files.
7 - Move
  • WARNING! XBGmover moves not all the details!

What it does is it parses unknown .mesh files, then materials, it gets a list of textures and based on the texture path it moves each mesh file in a specific vehicle folder.
For example a model that uses graphics\vehicles\mclaren\mp4_12c\maps\mclaren_logo_c.xbt will be moved in graphics\vehicles\mclaren\mp4_12c\

The problem is that some car parts only use common textures from graphics\vehicles\common_maps, so there's no way to tell which car they belong to.
Even so, you still get between 20 to 60 mesh files moved. (by Chipicao)

The rest of the details, including highpoly engines, suspensions and other parts, are located in the __Unknown folder!

Part 2. Import models

Installation import script: XBGimporter
  • Run 3dsMax (2010 or higher). In this tutorial I use ver. 2014.
  • Drag&drop the mcr file in max - this will initialize/install the script
  • Click on Customize -> "Customize User Interface" and switch over to the Toolbars tab; optionally select "Game file import" in Category
  • Drag&drop the script from the list onto your toolbar; this will create a button that you can use from this point on to run the script
Process of Importing:
  • Run script
  • Go to \The Crew\data_win32\Unpacked\graphics\vehicles folder
  • Select any model, for example Hummer H1
  • Go to maps folder and select any .xbg file. Keep in mind, multi selection not supported!
  • Mesh imported, well done! ;)
8 - Imported
Example of imported meshes from __Unknown folder:

9 - Example 1 9 - Example 2 9 - Example 3
9 - Example 4 9 - Example 5 9 - Example 6

Once again, I note: in this moment NO TEXTURES AND NO MATERIALS! ONLY MESHES! Looking forward to updates!

© tutorial by DMN [2015]

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