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Иконка ТОП по поинтам

  • CyraxФотография %s
    Points: p.38 162


  • DMNФотография %s
    Points: p.35 676


  • Ramon_CubeФотография %s
    Points: p.10 058


  • nikitossФотография %s
    Points: p.9 789


  • bigbadФотография %s
    Points: p.9 215


Can Access Points System
Can View Global Transactions
Can View Global Assetts
My Max Points N/A
Points Per New Topic
Points Per Reply
Points Per Other's Reply in Own Thread
My Points Per Post/Reply/Etc Multiplier N/A
Minimum Posts-Per-Day for Interest in Certain Items 1,00
Recent Activity for Interest in Certain Items 7 days

Can Access Banks
My Maximum Per Bank Account N/A
Interest Cycle 30 days

Can Purchase Shares of Stock
My Maximum Number of Shares Per Stock N/A
Stock Value Adjustment Cycle 1 440 Minutes
Stock Purchase Tax 4,99%
Selling Stock Tax 2,99%

Credit Cards  
Can Use Credit-Cards
My Maximum Credit-Card Debt N/A
Minimum Payment Due Cycle 0 days
My Maximum Balance Transfer Per Card N/A
My Maximum Cash Advance Per Card N/A
Minimum Due at Above Cycle 1,99%

Can Invest in Long-Term Investments
My Maximum Invest Amount Per Investment N/A
Investment Balance Adjustment Cycle 30 days
Investing Tax 9,99%
Cashout Tax 3,99%

Can Shop
Sales Tax 0,00%
Sell Back Tax 29,99%
Trade Tax 1,00%

Can Apply for Welfare
My Maximium Welfare Per Check N/A
Max Points to Qualify p.200 000,00
Maximum Worth to Qualify p.0,00
Maximum Welfare Recieved to Qualify p.0
Minimum Posts to Qualify 10
Minimum Posts-Per-Day to Qualify 0,00
Minimum Days as a Member to Qualify 90 days
Recent Activity Needed to Qualify 7 days
Qualifications Above Always Apply, not just sign-up
Welfare Cycle 7 days

Купить Points  
Points Per Cash Enabled
Can purchase Points For Money

Points Per Download  
Points Per Download Enabled
Can Earn Points Per Download/Addition/Comment
Can Charge Points Per Download

  • 261 096,91 Total Points
  • 265 997,61 Капитал
  • Моментальная лотерея Newest Shop Item
  • 9 Shop Item Inventory
  • 69 Online At Once Record


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