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Изменения в Swatchbin Converter + STMA 0.43

Версия 0.43
  • Added support for unique compressions in Forza Motorsport 7
  • STMA : STMA will no longer write new data to the texture, but it will keep the data in memory until saved manually
  • STMA Backup Database Manger : The manager allows to manage backups created with STMA
  • STMA Backup Database Manger : You can save your backup database to a file and share with friends!
  • STMA Settings : STMA is now able to use new types of hardware for DirectCompute codec processing
  • STMA Settings : You can now change the format for template textures
  • STMA Settings : You can change color of program interface
  • Tons of handling conditions!
Версия 0.35
  • Added support for swatchbins with TXQU headers ( ex.: Forza 6 Apex liveries )
  • Fixed issue with rescaling non-BC type compressions ( fix for @minime891 problem )
  • Removed pointless possibility to save preferences
  • Removed pointless file choosers
  • Preferences are no more in another window, it's much more simpler to change them for different task needs
  • Completely core rebuild with the best possible data reading/writing methods (59% performance increase on huge tasks compared to 0.34)
  • It is no more possible to start new task while one is already running
  • New interface
  • Built-in user manual
Версия 0.34
  • Added support for swatchbins with BC4_SNORM and BC5_SNORM compression
  • The generic DDS header is no more in data folder, but has been loaded to application instead (increased portability)
  • Tool will automatically rescale texture canvas to match modulo 4 division for width and height (some applications and games require it)
  • Now it's possible to save your preferences (settings), where the preferences are loaded on tool startup
Версия 0.33+
  • See ReadMe.txt


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