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[REQ]Test Drive Unlimited - Cadillac Sixteen

test drive unlimited atari eidos cadillac concept request

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    Hey people, I am looking sor a specific model of the first Test Drive: Unlimited game. The cadillac section of gamemodels.ru sadly does no feature the one model I am looking for, so any help would be much appreciated :)




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    It's a car from the exclusive Xbox 360 DLC.
    Good luck finding the DLC, and also, good luck if you'll be even able to extract the 3D model since it might have a different format compared to the PC version.



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    Maybe if you post the files of Cadillac Sixsteen or Xbox360 DLC, we could try do something




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    hey guys,


    here is the xbox360 tdu1 dlc#6 dlc.big file including the sixteen i guess, but dont ask me how to unpack the file to get the bnk. maybe someone can help you with this







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