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3DSimED 3.1s October 3rd 2018


  • Оценка:  * * * * * 3 Голосов
  • Загружен: 06 Окт 2018 16:55
  • Обновление: 06 Окт 2018 16:55
  • Размер: 20,84К
  • Просмотров: 1738
  • Скачан: 353
  • Автор: Dave Noonan
  • Сайт: sim-garage.co.uk



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3dSimed SimEd Soft

NEW: Added Forza Horizon 4 car import.
Enhancement: F1-2018 Import has improved decal shader and all textures are now extracted for a model.
Enhancement: Drag-and-Drop of file types supported by Import Plugins. It should also be possible to use Open With… from the File Explorer context menu but this can have a problem resulting from file permissions.
Fix: With shaders turned off the sky dome would be displayed as a sphere at the centre of the model.
Fix: Importing an animated rF2 .GMT could crash.
Fix: Rubber-banding of Poly-lines restored.

Комментарии к файлу

Dave is working on a FM7/FH3/FH4 fix, for now it does only load LOD-0 properly...

09 Окт 2018 09:59

I import a model from forza horizon 3 and it wont import. I cant see it!

Very good thanks for your efforts

12 Окт 2018 18:27

I import a model from forza horizon 3 and it wont import. I cant see it!

make a folder called "media" and then inside that folder create one called "cars", then put the folder of your inside it.

so it gets like: media\cars\maz_rx8 for example


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