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3DSimED 3.1i


  • Оценка:  * * * * * 7 Голосов
  • Загружен: 12 Май 2017 23:59
  • Обновление: 13 Май 2017 13:41
  • Размер: 1,99К
  • Просмотров: 14606
  • Скачан: 2 226
  • Автор: Dave Noonan
  • Сайт: http://sim-garage.co.uk
  • Скриншот: http://sim-garage.co.uk



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3DSimed SimED Soft

Support has been added to import Forza Horizon 3 cars. Also, for both FH3 and Forza Apex Import the user can now choose the LOD to import.
Note that 3DSimED3 cannot automatically detect the difference between Apex & FH3 Carbin so please make sure the correct format is chosen from the drop-down box on the Import dialog.

Here's a tutorial for those who can't open the full model with 3DsimED:
  • Extract the model: for FM Apex use Forza Studio and with FH3 only use winrar for unpack the model files.
  • For who doesn't have the game installed (just like me), create a fake directory for models, Example: "C:\fh3\media\cars" , inside "cars" folder put all the extracted file models. For example, path for Jeep Trailcat: "C:\FH3\media\cars\jee_trailcat_17\"
  • Open 3DsimED and select FM6 Apex or FH3 .carbin and the whole model will be loaded
Thanks Carlos Alvarado

  • Windows 32-bit application (Windows XP & later).
  • Fast rendering exploiting DirectX hardware acceleration.
  • Use of HLSL shaders for high quality fast rendering.
  • Real-time rotation and zooming. Fast textures display.
  • Visual selection of objects, vertexes and faces.
  • Edit multiple drawings in a single instance of 3DSimED.
  • Full undo/redo stack.
  • Context help included.
  • Frequent fixes and updates.
Object File Formats Supported
  • 3D Editor support: -FBX (Assetto Corsa KsEditor, Blender, 3DSMax & others); Collada DAE (Blender, 3DSMax & others) ; SKP (Google SketchUp) ; 3DS (3DSMax & others) ; .X (Direct X)
  • Import: -Kn5 (Assetto Corsa); .GMT rFactor2; ERP (F1-2015); PSSG (F1-2010 – F1-2014 GRID 1 & 2 & AutoSport) ; VHF SGB and MEB (NFS Shift) ; GMT (RACE ON, RACE07, RACE , GTR2, GTR, GTL, rFactor) ; TRK (GTR2, GTL) ; CAR (GTR2) ; VEH (rFactor) ; SCN (rFactor, NSR, F1CC, F1-2002) ; GRF (Viper Racing and Nacsar Heat) ; MOD (Viper Racing and Nascar Heat) ; PTF (N2003,N2003,N4) ;
  • 3DO (N2003,N2002,N4,GPL,N3,N2,ICR2) ; .MTS (F1CC,F1-2002,NSR) ; P3D (Race Driver) XBX (Ford Racing 3) ; VRL (SCGT, F1-2000)
  • Export: -Kn5 (Assetto Corsa); .GMT rFactor2; MEB (NFS Shift) ; GMT (RACE ON, RACE07, RACE, GTR2, rFactor, GTL, GTR) ; GRF (Viper Racing and Nacsar Heat) ; MOD (Viper Racing and Nacsar Heat) ; 3DS; 3DO (N2003) ; MTS (F1CC,F1-2002) ; .X (Direct X) ; .X (Richard Burn Rally) ; GPS (Bob’s Track Builder) ; Update:- .PTF (N2003) ;
  • GPL TSO .3DO; ASE for ASE23DO util.

Комментарии к файлу

13 Май 2017 01:33
Ребят, сделайте пожалуйста туториал по экспорту моделей FH3, Очень прошу!
    • JohnCena и OG_Taylor это нравится
13 Май 2017 07:30

Imported Carbin from your site. And Nothing to appear in Viewpoint. (no mesh or textures)  Please Fix this.

    • Potato, milk74180 и Rasmus230897 это нравится

this is possible to extract Forza 6 models and not the apex one ?

this is possible to extract Forza 6 models and not the apex one ?

You can import "MODELBIN" files from F6 with 3dsimed 3.1i

Added tutorial in description how to import full model, please read!

    • shakill05 это нравится
13 Май 2017 14:01

Can You Guys make Each Wheels Area have Centre of Orgin so i can use unity engine so that make wheels just spin as fine.

13 Май 2017 16:55

Added tutorial in description how to import full model, please read!

You Would might need to tell everyone that folder must have to be same name as .Carbin file name. Order to work the import.

how to crack the   3DSimED 3.1i  ???

    • Matamarcianos это нравится

yes need to get cracked full :( 

    • Matamarcianos это нравится

how to get textures from FH3 please ?


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