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  • 07 Фев 2017 Скачать Swatchbin Texture Converter 0.34
  • 06 Фев 2017 Скачать Swatchbin Texture Converter 0.33+

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Swatchbin Texture Converter 0.35

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  • Оценка:  * * * * * 7 Голосов
  • Загружен: 06 Фев 2017 19:06
  • Обновление: 11 Фев 2017 11:37
  • Размер: 167,42К
  • Просмотров: 6210
  • Скачан: 1 508
  • Автор: Tado Hmn
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Forza Horizon Swatchbin

Swatchbin Texture Converter (swatchbin2dds, sb2dds) by Tado Hmn

This tool allows to convert textures from Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 6 Apex, to DirectX10 Direct-Draw Sufrace maps, mostly known as "dds".

RequirementsGeneral features
  • (Main) Swatchbin texture conversion from .swatchbin to .dds.
  • (Main) Supports conversion of multiple texture files and folders at once.
  • (Optional) Hast-less filenames: Possiblity to remove hash indication for output textures.
  • (Optional) Include-subdiectories: Possibility to process subdirectories of selected directory.
  • (Optional) Absolute-path: Possibility for output textures to be placed in same directory as input swatchbins.
  • (Optional) Delete-once-done: Possibility to pernamentely delete inputs once conversion processed it.
  • (Optional) Drag & Drop support: Possibility to Drag & Drop swatchbin files and folders to the tool for conversion.
  • (Interface) Progress of texture conversion is shown on top of the tool (in case task is being processed).
  • (Interface) Possibility so create conversion task by selecting files or folders using Windows file chooser.
  • (Interface) Graphically selecting optional features of tool using checkboxes.
  • (Interface) Graphical progress on current task.
  • (Performance) Data flow on non-SSD drives reaches up to 25 MB / second.
  • (Performance) Smart memory optimization by easing already finished instances.
Conversion guide
  • Drag & Drop swatchbin textures you wish to convert to sb2dds main window interface.
  • (or) use buttons found in main window interface to create new conversion task.
  • NOTE: It's not recommended to begin new task once the tool is already processing one.
  • It will be handled by another thread creation, but scrambles the interface.
Enabling / Disabling optional features
  • To enable or disable optional features you have to click on "Preferences" button found in main window interface.
  • if you wish to enable feature, make sure the checkbox next to feature you wish to enable is checked
  • if you wish to disable feature, make sure the checkbox next to feature you wish to disable is unchecked
NOTE: The Preferences window can remain open to quickly switch features for different task needs.
NOTE: It's not recommended to change feature preferences once the tool is processing a task.

Features overview

Hash-less filenames (enabled by default)
This feature removes a 37-character long hash indication for output dds textures.

Include subdirectories on directory processing
Once the direcotry is marked as conversion task (direcotry dragged or selected) will process all swatchbin inside that directory including all swatchbins inside its subdirectories.

Absolute path for output textures
This feature allows to put converted dds textures to the same directory as input swatchbin textures. If this feature is disabled, the converted dds textures will be placed in swatchbin2dds subdirectory.

Delete original swatchbins once done
This feature removes processed swatchbin textures, please use with increased attention.
WARINING! This feature removes swatchbins permanently, it's not possible to recover them from Recycle Bin!

Drag & Drop
Efficient replacement for file chooser. Files and diretories may be dragged directly to sb2dds window for conversion.
NOTE: All files can be dragged, the tool will ignore non-swatchbins.
NOTE: On directory drag, it will process all swatchbins in the direcoty, but not in its subfolders/subdirectories.
For subdirectories you have to enable "Include subdirectories on directory processing" feature.

If you have any incompability issues, unhandled errors, problematic swatchbins or unexpected behavior of sb2dds, make sure you report as soon as possible at: or tdohmn[at]

Developed by Tado Hmn 2017
Donations: https://www.paypal.c...G.gif:NonHosted

Special thanks to
  • Andrakann (swatchbin texture research)
  • zwrtron (testing)

Что нового в этой версии 0.35 (Посмотреть все изменения)

  • Added support for swatchbins with TXQU headers ( ex.: Forza 6 Apex liveries )
  • Fixed issue with rescaling non-BC type compressions ( fix for @minime891 problem )
  • Removed pointless possibility to save preferences
  • Removed pointless file choosers
  • Preferences are no more in another window, it's much more simpler to change them for different task needs
  • Completely core rebuild with the best possible data reading/writing methods (59% performance increase on huge tasks compared to 0.34)
  • It is no more possible to start new task while one is already running
  • New interface
  • Built-in user manual

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Проблема с  файлом после конвертации - он просто черная текстура.Как это  исправить?

    • Александр Кармазин это нравится

so how do this work

you guys need both photoshop and intel texture works to open the DDS

    • Andrakann это нравится

why no updated new version up

you guys really need too fix this omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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